Cherokee Street Art and Music Venue Re-Opens Tonight

2720 Cherokee Street Gallery will be reopening very soon. Owners of the gallery have expressed their excitement and anticipation over the big changes and beautiful renovations that the location has undergone, and that which guests can definitely look forward to.

Making use of the 5,000 square feet that is the location’s basement, upon its reopening, three floors of the gallery will be operating all at once, with the first floor being transformed into the Cherokee Underground Gallery, the review mentioned that the second floor is dedicated to catering to a more mainstream audience, and the basement opened as a venue where younger artists on the rise can develop and thrive.

The first floor features an outdoor patio, which is perfect for events that will behold out in the open and during the daytime, such as summer festivals.

The second floor, in addition to being an art space, is dedicated to hosting small musical acts, such as solo guitarists and jazz ensembles. The 2720 Cherokee Street Gallery sets itself apart from other galleries within the area by making itself available to hosting multiple performances and exhibitions at the same time – all of which guests can enjoy one after the other by simply walking around and exploring the venue. If a guest wants to move away from a larger crowd that is enjoying a bigger band, they can simply go upstairs and listen to a smaller act. It is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – which the gallery aims to provide for its audience.

The gallery aims to become a hub of artistic expression within the area by featuring a diverse art collection, and by hosting a number of creative and entertaining events all at the same time. 2720 Cherokee Street Gallery aspires to help both artists and audience learn and thrive.

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