Vaping Amongst American Indians

The American Indians have the highest rates of vaping than any other ethnicity in the US. They begin smoking in their pre-teen years and it progresses to their teen years. The youth use different ties of tobacco products including e-cigarettes, smokeless tobaccos, and cigars.

According to research published by ReviewingThis, This can be attributed the several images about how tobacco smoking, and how appealing it is, which are found everywhere. 40% of the youth try to stop smoking but end up failing. A large percentage of this group wishes that if they could choose again they would have never started.

Point of Sale

Even though most tobacco companies do not target the youth, their documents show that they continue to market their products indirectly to the youth.  Some of the points of sale include signs at convenient stores, coupons, and price discounts. They also target the youth by placing tobacco products at eye level in the convenience stores and using vibrant colors and candy flavor in their products. The point of sale has proven to have an influence between the likelihood of a youth smoking and the brand that they will use.

The commercial tobacco companies describe the youth as replacement smokers. This is because tobacco kills about 1,300 people in a day. Every day, there are 3,800 youths who try smoking for the first time and 2,100 youth who become regular smokers. With this figures, 5.6 million youth will die because of smoking tobacco.

Health Effects of Tobacco on the Youth

  • Tobacco impairs the lungs, thus causing problems in the respiratory system in general.
  • It affects the youth’s athletic performance. Athletes who smoke are slower on the field.
  • Nicotine, a substance found in tobacco, is addictive to the youth. Those who smoke 2-3 cigarettes in a day gets addicted in less than two weeks.
  • Tobacco narrows the blood vessel of the youth, thus leading to heart problems.
  • Passive smoke can increase infant death, respiratory illness, and cardiovascular problems to the infant.
  • Girls who smoke regularly may grow facial hair.
  • The youth who smoke tend to get more acne and their skin breaks out more frequently.
  • Smoking disrupts the sleeping pattern of the youth.
  • A youth who smokes tend to catch colds much quickly and their symptoms are more severe and last longer than regular colds.


The youth are very vulnerable. 1 out of every 3 youths who become a regular smoker will end up dying as a result of a smoking-related disease. The pre-teens who want to appear ‘cool’ begin to smoke and later find themselves addicted as adults.

In order to help the youth, we need to ensure that they have a positive environment that is free from vaping. The youth should also be taught about how to respect the cultural use of tobacco. They should learn to differentiate between commercial tobacco and traditional tobacco. They should learn how to avoid misuse. The youth can access several resources about tobacco. The youth at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a lot of information that can educate them, thus leading them to smoke moderately.

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