Tips for Custom T-Shirt Art Design

It is no doubt that the t-shirt business has grown in popularity over the years. In order to break through the stiff competition in this industry, you need to be creative and come up with unique designs. However, this can be a daunting process and you need to follow some steps in order to improve your skills. Below are some tips for making personalised t shirts art designs.

Explore Creative Concepts

Take some time to explore creative options and know what will actually go to your t-shirt. The more time and effort you put into brainstorming your design concept, the better the results will be. Doing extensive research will help you come up with unique concepts and avoid duplicating someone else’s concept. In this stage, you need to allow creative instincts to communicate the message you intend to pass.

Understand Your Audience

It is paramount importance to understand your target market when creating t-shirt designs. Understand what kind of audience you are looking to attract to your t-shirt design so that you can come up with designs relevant to them.

Choose Your Style of T-Shirt

T-shirts come in various styles including short sleeves, long sleeves, uneven sleeves, crop top and many more. Thus, you need to know which type of t-shirt will work best for your situation. Before choosing the right type of t-shirt, think about your audience and the intended goal. For instance, a crop top might not be appropriate for doing promotion for a law firm.

When sketching out ideas, ensure that it will properly translate to the actual size of the t-shirt. To help you with this, print out the design and place it on the tee you are going to use.

Create Detailed but Simple Designs

With t-shirt designs, it is easy to come up with detailed designs. However, it is very important to keep the designs simple and not overdo them. Although complex images are impressive, it will be very hard for one to remember what the design is all about. Simple t-shirt designs not only attract attention but also get the message across effortlessly, so it is remembered more easily.

Be Creative with Color

Ensure that there is enough color contrast on your design so that it can be clearly seen when printed on the t-shirt. The fact that t-shirts are available in numerous colors makes it important to choose colors that will complement. For instance, light colors like yellow works well on dark colored t-shirts while darker colors make the letters visible on light-colored t-shirts.

Carefully Prepare Your Artwork

This is an important tip especially if you are looking to use darker ink colors on darker-colored t-shirts. This is because printing on dark colored t-shirts can distort the ink color and make the entire design appear dull. When screen printing, it is advisable to use pantone colors.

Hire a Designer

If you do not have designer skills, it is a good idea to hire a designer to custom design the t-shirt for best results. Find a designer that understands your needs and is able to give you exactly what you are looking for.

A good way to identify a competent designer is by visiting their design studio. You can also check their portfolio in order to see their design style. Meeting them face to face will also give you the chance to examine their personality and expertise before making a hiring decision.

Whether you are looking to promote your business or just want to play with your creativity, creating your own custom t-shirt design will add to your unique identity. The tips above will help you design and print your own custom t-shirt designs effortlessly.

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