Guest Blogging Tips for Artists

Guest blogging or guest posting on websites involves publishing your own post on other people’s blogs. It’s a good strategy to be used by upcoming artists because they publish their posts on blogs of others who have a large number of followers. In most cases, the upcoming artists have a few followers as compared to already established ones. When they publish their work on blogs with many followers, their content is seen by many. This ends up attracting the attention of many interested buyers of their artwork. There are many website working on that concept and is one of best website out there.


This is good for professional progression as you get more traffic on your blogs. You may think you are creating content for others, but in the real sense, you are creating an audience for your artwork. For an effective guest posting on websites, several tips should be applied.

Know Your Audience.

Your content should focus on the interests of your audience. Come up with a content that appeals to them so as to increase your sales. To come up with what appeals to your audience, do research on what people want out there. You can also check on what people concentrate on during your past sales.

Focus On Posting Relevant Content.

For your blogs to capture the attention of many followers, provide the audience with information that is of interest to them. Presenting yourself with relevant posts establishes a sense of trust among your audience. This can be done by providing up-to-date art events and news. The topics you choose should be interesting to your viewers.

Attach Videos.

Let your blog content contain videos. This builds trust among your audience as it’s proof that you are the one producing the work. Buyers get attached more to authentic work.

Use An Accurate Provocative Title.

A title that attracts more audience will ensure success on your blog. A boring title will mess you up. Your audience will go through your content if only they are attracted by the title.

Adhere To The Guidelines Set For Submitting Your Guest Post.

Blogs that have many followers have some set of guidelines for guest bloggers to follow. Different blogs have a different set of rules for guests. Before submitting your work as a guest, go through the guidelines given to ensure you don’t go against the laid-down rules of the site. For instance, put an image if it’s one of the submission requirements. Some blogs also ask for a link to be given. Follow the guidelines provided for your work to be accepted by the website.

Respond To Feedback.

An appealing blog will cause a lot of traffic, and so many comments will follow. Ensure that you are online to reply to such comments from followers. This is a way of monitoring your blogs which increases your exposure.

As an artist, it’s recommended for you to try out guest posting on websites to attract more customers to your work. You can try the home décor blogs, fashion blogs, animal blogs, or eco blogs as your content. Make sure that the content you take online is what art readers and buyers want so as to get more traffic and eventually, more sales.

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