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Your Guide to Creating a Native American Style Home Décor

Home décor can be both a challenging and fun activity to do.  Having the appropriate home decor with Spin Fan’s catalogue will help brighten up your living space, thus needing to explore and purchase the ideal materials for your chosen theme.

Native American as a theme for interior design is aptly applicable for dwellings with a single room or even to entire houses (one to two stories high). The Native American theme employs the use of patterns, symbols, and artworks embellished in textiles, decorations, or other culturally-valuable objects.

Before installing Native American style home décor, one must examine the house or building where the home décor will be installed. This is to ensure that the overall home decors will fit well.

House Construction and Layout

For lodges, Native American themed home décor is best applied to large exposed logs commonly used as support columns and beams. For houses, Native American themed home décor is best applied to walls made of adobe. Accentuate or emphasize the architectural features of your dwelling by choosing a single Native American base theme for the rest of the décor.

Houses made of Adobe were also used by Pueblo Indians located mostly in the southern United States. Minimal effort is needed to achieve the Native American look for this type of house. However, for non-adobe houses, plaster or paints can be used to convey this design feature. Such paints include Riviera, Bousillage Rustique, Intuel, and Aura interior paints.

For houses made of more commonly-used materials such as wood, using lightweight materials such as faux wood is best. A high ceiling is recommended for increased effectivity. Having round rooms is also ideal to reflect how Native American ceremonial gatherings were housed in the teepee (tipi).

Designing the house to have large rooms is ideal to achieve a good Native American influence in the house layout. Having spacious rooms for the kitchen, dining, and living areas are best for a Native American lifestyle, the latter culture having hospitality to entertain large numbers of people. Depending on the climate of one’s location, having good ventilation is key and this can be achieved using good window placement or the installation of ceiling fans which do not obstruct the wall and floor decorations.


Many Native American clans use various kinds of embellishments and ornaments for interior décor. Some of these decors include the following: sacred artifacts (e.g. medicine wheel), totem poles, furniture, pottery, drums, and paintings. In all cases, original or replicas are okay.

For proper ventilation of one’s Native American styled home, a good ceiling fan is recommended. This need not to be out of place nor stick out like a misplaced décor. Instead, choose a ceiling fan that is specifically designed to blend in. Southwestern ceiling fan styles are one particular style commonly available in the market. These fans are embellished with intricate textures or designs that are inspired by Native American décor. For those who prefer to remodel their existing ceiling fans, the market offers ceiling fan blades with depictions of Native American cultural values painted by hand. Chains depicting images of sacred Native American symbols are also available.

The number of ways to make one’s dwelling Native American-inspired is limitless and it is up to the designer to maximize available resources and structural features of one’s dwelling.

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