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The Power of Music for Museums and Exhibitions

Music as a Background

When it comes to museums and exhibitions, everything has to stay quiet as much as possible. That is why one major requirement of museums and exhibitions visit is not to create too much noise. However, several studies have shown that there is power in music if it’s played in the background in museums and exhibitions. That’s why Soundbars Music has been a part of our daily life, from multimedia entertainment such as television and movies to watching videos on the internet. It is also evident that music adds life and vigor to everything a person does. Music is commonly used as a background in a person’s daily activity. It has been proven that music can affect one’s mood and emotions. In addition, the uses of music in everyday life can be varied and apply to a wide range of areas. So, why not use music in museums and exhibitions?

Advantages of Music in Museums and Exhibitions

There are mixed feelings about incorporating music to museums and exhibits. Some said they would love it, and others uttered disapproval. Museum and exhibition visits should not only be enjoyable to the eyes but also to other senses as well, such as hearing. To personalize the experience of a museum visitor, incorporating music is a great help. Well, knowing the facts and reasons will shed doubts on this topic. Here are some advantages of music in museums and exhibits:

Music offers a good experience to museum visitors. Choosing music that helps people get into certain moods such as active, communicative, and meditative. According to researches, music in the background is a useful way to set off moods and to aid in better nonverbal communication.

Music helps visitors to be comfortable. It is quite uncomfortable when you are in a completely silent place. Background music won’t hurt; go for classical ones or low music rhythm sounds. Some museums would hire professionals for this such as a live musician or a band. But if you are on a budget, with the aid of decent, excellent soundbars, you can just ready your playlist and play the beat.

Music prevents unnecessary noises inside the museums. Without music in the background, museum visitors will have the opportunity to talk loudly. Help people feel calm and relaxed by providing soft, low-intensity music. In Brianna Brenner’s study on “Does Music Matter to Museum Visitors? Understanding the Effect of Music in and Exhibit on the Visitor Experience”, she explains that music takes part in the important function on visitors’ attention and memory.


In summary, there is power in music when applied and used in museums and exhibitions. If you desire to have your museum visitors to keep coming back or for them to spread compliments about their positive encounter, start to enhance the experience of your customers by creating a subtle ambiance and calm feeling. When putting this plan to action, always remember to acquire respective licenses to avoid penalties and sanctions.

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