Watching Movie an Art

Is Watching Movie an Art?

Watching movies is a very common activity to do when people long for instant fun and relaxation. There are many forms of visual entertainment, but, over the years, movies have always been the top choice. Whether it’s watching movies & Kiss Anime online or going to your favorite cinema to get that theater experience, people would always find that special time to witness a 2-hour long film.

Movie in the Eyes of Hobbyists

While most people would consider watching movies & anime online as a hobby, a few people would take the time and effort to look beyond the motions and pictures that are shown on the screen. Some appreciate the creativity that the people behind the movie have come up with. Some others would critic, review, and analyze the details and elements that make up the movie.

From the casting, cinematography, script, and so on, a true blue hobbyist is one that sees the beauty beyond what is seen by the naked eye. A real movie hobbyist would dive deeper, research, and watch videos and “behind the scenes” about the “makings of” a certain movie of their interest. A moviegoer would simply pass the time to watch a popular film, but a movie hobbyist follows how a movie was created and how it came to be a well-made movie.

A Movie as a Work of Art

Maybe some people would contest the idea of the movie as visual art, but, if you come to think of it, everything about a movie is a work of art. In principle, filmmakers do apply artistic aspects such as sound and imagery in every film that they make. The actors, whether they do bad acting or not, are still practitioners of performance art.  Writing the script and dialogues is also a form of creative art. Art, in truth, has no known boundaries. It is the most celebrated expression of thought and ideas.

Movies Incite Thoughts and Emotions

There are many art mediums that may coexist with each other and their vital role is to convey a message to its audience. It may encourage people to think, to speculate, to indulge, and to drift away with its meaning. There is no doubt that movies can bring about all kinds of feelings and thoughts, and, at the end of the day, it will lead people into a whole new level of art appreciation.

Movies Pique Interest

What drives you to watch a movie? Is it because your favorite actors star in it? Was it directed by a highly-acclaimed director?  Is it the fact that it belongs to the genre of your interest? What is it that makes you want to buy that ticket with a hefty price? Perhaps, the reasons would include all that – and more. No matter how it is peppered with commercialism and capitalism in recent times, the fact still remains that it took plenty of very creative minds to achieve a full-length film. It took money, time, effort, blood, and sweat to process a wonderful piece of art that is a movie.

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