Making Your Own Home Museum Displays

Tips for Making Your Own Home Museum Displays

Do you have your collections just sitting at home? – on your living room, probably on some shelf on display. It might be an important collection to you, but it could be hard for other people to appreciate it as much as you do, given the way they’re shown. Who knows you will get some affordable quotes and can make you think about it?

Here’s an idea – show them off as a museum would have them. This way, the art pieces would be highlighted, and it’s something to store your documents like a homeowner’s insurance, utility bills, and other important papers. Sounds complicated? Fret not. Here’s a breakdown on how you could do it:

A good display is composed of several facets. You can go through them one by one so it won’t be overwhelming.

Displaying the Art

There are many ways on how you can do it. Putting them all on a shelf is definitely one, but other ideas include putting them in a plexiglass case or mounting them on a wall.

Plexiglass Cases

You can either use acrylic or a quality glass – whichever you prefer. Consider the artifact type, shape, and size when choosing the right plexiglass. The glass can come in cubes of different sizes, and there also long versions of the glass where you can put items that are long or wide for decoration or home use.

Wall Mountings

In terms of mounting pieces of art on the wall, you would have to consider the several factors. One of which is the type of artifact you would want to hang – not all artifacts are equal in this area as different characteristics particular to the art, like shape, size, and weight may be easier or more difficult to mount.

You can also just use regular wall plate hangers to mount the art. Bring your creativity out as it may take some imagination on your part on how to best hang the pieces. You can reshape the hangers as needed, but be careful not to damage the art.

Highlighting the Art

Now that you have displayed them creatively, the next step would be to highlight them.

Picture lights are good for spotlighting an art, and LED lights would suffice for regular lighting. One thing to be careful about is choosing the type of light – make sure that it does not damage the artwork.

Labeling the Art

Remember those white paper pieces you see by the sides of the museum pieces that tell you more about the art? You can print your own labels using a 64 gloss or luster paper, and attach them to a foam or cardboard depending on your thickness preference. Cut them out together with a sharp blade so they’re of the exact size. Mount them on your wall using a mounting tape or blue painters tape. Keep in mind the weight of the material you are mounting and possible marks left on the wall depending on the type of tape you use to ensure that your work is going to be successful and clean.

Sounds pretty fun right? Challenge yourself and build a home museum that you would be proud of.

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