Weight Loss Is More of an Art than Science

Weight Loss Is More of an Art than Science

Weight loss is one of the most challenging goals there are. It sounds simple enough, but it’s always easier said than done. If you look it up online, you will find that there are tons of blogs or articles suggesting PhenQ for losing weight. These articles have different perspectives and various takes on how to begin the journey to successful weight loss. Most of them explain how weight loss happens, breaking down parts of the body that are responsible for gaining and losing weight. It’s very scientific, isn’t it? While it’s incredibly informative to know these things, it’s also important to recognize that losing weight is more of an art than science. So what do we exactly mean by that? Instead of focusing on the science of it, focus on something else, too. Focus on how the mind perceives it.

Have Willpower

With all the activities that people have every day, it’s quite impossible for the brain to not get exhausted, hence making the thought of losing weight shove further at the back of the mind. After waking up, deciding on things such as what to wear, what to eat, and what the tasks of the day are will already wear out the brain, and an exhausted brain equals little willpower. One thing you can do to save brain energy is to not dwell on small decisions. The keyword is not to dwell. Save your energy for bigger decision making. Instead of deciding what to wear and eat every day, which takes up time every morning, it would be better to just do all the decision making in one day. For example, on Sunday, plan the clothes you’re going to wear and the meals you’re going to have. That way, when you go about your week, you’ll have more time and energy, also considered willpower, to do more important things like actually working out to lose weight.

Right Motivation

You have to ask yourself why you want to lose weight. The answer to that can be as simple as because you want to look better. There’s nothing wrong with that. People even put up posters of their “body goals” in their houses just to remind themselves why they do the amount of work out they do every day. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, is it enough? Is it the right kind of motivation? Probably not. Losing weight just for the sake of looking better can be good, but not fulfilling. You will have to dig deeper. Why do you really want to lose weight? Health, self-esteem, better skills attainment. These are some of the right kind of motivation that will help you really keep on being fit.

Believe in Yourself

This is probably the most important. Having everything planned and having the right motivation won’t do the trick unless you actually believe that you can do it. That point where your brain tells you that you’ve had enough and you can’t do it any further is when you need to push the most. You deciding that you can’t do it will be the very factor that will really make it impossible for you to achieve it.


You have to have the art. No matter how many scientific explanations your read about losing weight, if you don’t put your mind on it, nothing will ever happen.

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