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How Cannabis Influences Creativity

Cannabis can change your state of mind in a lot of ways – sometimes unimaginable. One thing that may surprise you is its ability to influence your creativity. With more than 100 psychoactive compounds present in cannabis seeds, it is very likely that it has this miraculous creativity-boosting effects. Follow this link if you want to find out if this is true or not.

There have been lots of studies that target this specific topic. How can cannabis influence a person’s creativity?

What researchers found out is something you may not have expected. Cannabis may not be directly related to creativity. It does have its influence, but there isn’t any direct relation between the two.

How does cannabis influence creativity then?

Cannabis Aids in Producing Creative Works

According to a study last 2017 by Emily Lafrance, a graduate from the Washington State University, cannabis use may be related to creativity. With thousands of subjects, both users and non-users of cannabis, the researchers have found out that there was something else that causes the sudden creativity boost among users. After some psychology-based tests, the answers were even clearer.

The users claimed to be more artistic while the non-users claimed the opposite. However, the evidence of creativity was not observed from the users. In fact, they did produce much more creative works than the non-users. But the study does not end there.

How Cannabis Aids in Boosting Creativity

According to the researchers, those who used cannabis were more extroverted and more eager to have new experiences. According to them, this has to be the source of the sudden creativity.

In addition, cannabis users also displayed better thinking and problem-solving skills more than non-users. According to the researchers, this is also one of the reasons why they unanticipatedly showed creativity.

Factors that Really Affect Creativity

According to this study conducted by Emily Lafrance, it is not the cannabis that increases creativity but the changes in the users’ personality that influenced it instead. It is the openness to experiences and the improved problem-solving skills that shifted into a more creative mind.

Cannabis Lessens Creativity

There are still inconsistencies between studies concerning the connection of cannabis to creativity amongst its users. As evidence of this, there has been an earlier study in 2015 by Michael Kowal – a cognitive psychology professional and company.

According to Kowal’s study, cannabis use does not increase creativity. Low doses do not have any creative impressions while high doses impair creative skills.

How Did Kowal Come Up with This Result?

The study was completed through experimentation between three groups: a placebo group, a low-dose group, and a high-dose group. The placebo group excelled the most in terms of creativity.

One problem that this study considered was the unclear definition of creativity. Was creativity simply the products that resulted from the skills of users or the personality of the users themselves? Luckily, with the availability of a collection of studies, a benchmark definition of creativity was used. The definition of creativity revolved around convergent and divergent thinking.

This study was done to make sense of anecdotal reports that support the idea of cannabis use for a creativity boost. Actually, the research paper even mentioned Steve Jobs’ statement saying marijuana use makes him creative.


Even with the hundreds of studies that have been conducted worldwide that aim to reveal everything about cannabis seeds and the use of marijuana itself, it is still unclear to this day what effects the drug holds.

There are still debates regarding the different effects that marijuana use has on users. Some can be confirmed by research, but there are some issues regarding the drug that even professionals cannot agree on.

Cannabis use appears to have varying effects on every individual that depends on different factors still unknown to science. Whether cannabis seeds carry creativity-boosting elements or not, the best way to approach this problem is safety.

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