Best Movies About Painters

Movie Guide: Best Movies About Painters

It’s no question how people are fond of watching movies on movies123 as their source of entertainment. Apart from the jaw-dropping cinematography, people also get completely captivated by the storyline. As a matter of fact, people seek alternative ways to spend less and enjoy the movie more by watching movies online.

Every movie depicts a certain genre in the hopes of catching the crowd’s interest. There are several genres open for selection, but it’s always the in-demand ones that win the producers’ heart.

Oftentimes, producers focus more on common roles such as doctors, detectives, and businessmen that other fields are left to be forgotten. However, some dig deeper into the less tackled profession such as painters to ignite curiosity on viewers.

If you’re an art enthusiast, you’d surely feel exhilarated over this art-related films. You might want to catch these best movies about them:

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

It’s a 2010 documentary film about Jean-Michel Basquiat who shone brightly with his graffiti art talent which led him to international stardom. Just like the usual documentary films, it also depicts the artist’s ups and downs such as gaining popularity and dealing life as a black artist in a predominating white world.

Gerhard Richter: Painting

Another art-related movie that made off the list of must-watch films is this 2012 documentary movie about the artist himself, Gerhard Richter. This movie shows the process of making his paintings and interviews. In case you didn’t know, Mr. Richter is considered as one of the best painters in the era.

The Art of the Steal

Deviating from the usual documentary films about an artist, this must-see movie shows the controversy behind the art collection of Dr. Albert Barnes. Directed by Don Argott, this 2009 documentary film shows the controversy of the Barnes Foundation which contains the collection of post-impressionist art that’s worth more or less $25 billion.

Originally intended to be donated to a school, the people who supported the move opposed to this intention and argued that it should become a tourist attraction in Philadelphia.

Tim’s Vermeer

This one’s another interesting painter-related movie you should include in your list of movies to watch this year. Tim’s Vermeer is a documentary film that was released in 2013. Tim, an inventor and founder of NewTek, truly admired the 17th-century Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer, due to the presence of photographic resemblance in his paintings.

Le mystère Picasso / The Mystery of Picasso

“Old but gold”, this 1956 French documentary film will surely captivate every art enthusiast’s heart as it focuses primarily on the famous painter, Pablo Picasso. This movie shows how Picasso created his art from black and white marker drawings to oil paintings and collages. Sadly, most of his arts were destroyed with most of it now only existent in films.


People find movies, whether in cinemas or watching movies online, an entertaining way for them to appreciate art in the form of amazing graphics and unique storyline. Despite the common roles in most movies, some producers also come up with less-appreciated ones like painters to incite curiosity towards viewers. For art lovers, watching painter-inspired films is a must as they can feel their interest being appreciated deeper.

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