CBD can stimulate

CBD can stimulate and enhance artists’ creativity

After legislation of the farm bill that allowed the growth of hemp for production CBD products, Pain relief with CBD has gained popularity. The endorsement by some famous people such as Kate Young and Moore has propelled CBD oil to greater heights in the discovery of their uses. Initially, CBD oil became famous because of its pharmaceutical uses, such as in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and pain reliever.

New Uses

CBD oil has gained new uses in many areas. There are suggestions that it can be used by artists, and individuals in creative professionals to enhance their productivity. A water production company famous for the Recess water brand has developed two flavors called blackberry chai and pom hibiscus. The product contains 10 gm CBD that is meant to increase energy, and at the same time reduce anxiety. These combinations can results in an active mind with enhanced creativity. Besides, this product has been said to heal several illnesses.

Mowellens is another company exploiting CBD to enhance creativity. Amy Duncan who is the owner of the company that is based in Los Angeles revealed that his product worked perfectly for her. She stated that her experience after taking this drink is only comparable to a condition called “hyper-priming.” This is a neurological effect that triggers fast and loose patterns of rapid activity in memory. The same effect is also experienced in people who have taken cannabis.


Despite the many assumptions, there is little research that can be used to show that CBD oil truly increases creativity. Scientific research is yet to show that CBD has an impact on the brain of the user on the parts that are responsible for creativity. Nevertheless, following the increased popularity of CBD, researchers are likely to focus their research on the effects on creativity, and soon they will probably provide concrete evidence on the assumptions.

Is CBD oil safe?

Initially, CBD products were thought to be harmful to humans due to their association with cannabis, however, it was later proved that they do not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the element that negatively affects the brain.

Some of the effects of CBD oil are thought to make them useful in enhancing creativity. For example, if they lead to better sleep, that means that the brain has some time to rest and work perfectly.

Government’s views

The government permits the growth of hemp plants that do not contain more than 0.3% of THC. THC is responsible for the highness found in marijuana. In 2017, the WHO reported that CBD does appear to contain harmful elements. The FDA also approved the first drug containing CBD to manage seizures.

Future of CBD

The future of CBD looks promising. It is no doubt that it will be a major player in the wellness industry. The CBD market is projected to hit $ 22 billion in 2022. Different brands targeting various uses are also likely to be produced. These products will be based on research evidence on their uses.

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