Freehand Writing in Art

Importance of Freehand Writing in Art

Sketching in freehand is a captivating idea. There are no certain materials to help you draw straight lines, curves and arcs, shapes, and many more. This method of light board for tracing mainly emphasizes on hand to eye coordination, in which skills, perception, and imagination are used in drawing. So, the use of T-squares, rulers, compass, drawing tables and any other materials are not included in this method.

Freehand Method in the Art Industry

In graphic design companies, freehand is usually used in an orthodox way with the use of paper and pencil. This means that the main technique that you can make use of is your own skills to imitate lines and shapes to create well-drawn designs.

Materials Used in Freehand Drawing

The main tools required are the conventional drawing materials, which are paper, eraser, and pencil. You must keep in mind that you are sketching from creativity while enhancing your fresh abilities. In this type of art, you will not need a reference.

Benefits of Freehand Drawing

To become a prestigious designer or outstanding artist, you should have the knowledge of how to draw in freehand. There are other components in the art that are required to enhance your drawing ability. But, freehand drawing initially leads you to a path of many opportunities when it comes to art. With that idea, here are the different advantages of practicing your freehand drawing:

1.    You will have a faster drawing speed

When you are already familiar with the reference that you have in mind or an actual picture to visually base your drawing from, you already have an entire idea of the final product, and you would already know the drawing process you will do.

2.    You will be observant when it comes to mistakes

Given that you draw faster than usual, it cannot be avoided to commit mistakes, which you will be able to notice once you compare the difference between your freehand drawing and your reference. It’s either you erase the mistake and mend it to improve the outcome.

3.    Your drawing skills will improve

After improving your drawing speed as well as your ability to spot drawing mistakes, you will enhance in every part of your drawing. This is the reason why artists who draw realistic portraits have great results. As you would observe these artists, they do not look at the reference and back to the drawing paper as frequently as others because of their improvement due to practice.

4.    You could create your personal drawing style

As we all know, art is an expression of yourself, so if you exactly draw from how it looked in the reference at all times, you will become a copycat artist. In order to create your own unique drawing style, you should do it from your mind’s imagination. Having your own creative style gives you your own identity as an artist.

Practice Makes Perfect

You cannot become a well-skilled artist overnight, which is why you need to practice your drawing skills and be patient about it! The earlier days or weeks of your practice may become frustrating because your imagined straight line can become squiggly at first, but you will get through it. As long as you persevere, you will notice better results of your drawing abilities, and before you even know it, you’ve already enhanced them. So, get your paper and pencils now, and always remember that the greatest drawing you will ever draw is the first one you created, because no matter how unpleasing it looks, this led you to create a better artistic version of yourself.

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