Using Art To Hide Your Speakers

Nowadays, people are choosing artworks that will hide their sound speakers like Alpine ILX-W650 review. One reason to do it is to lessen the clutter and add character to your home by hiding speakers behind you’re an art piece. Surely, the secret speakers will rekindle your love for art and music. Also, some brands specialize in offering speakers that include photos or personalized drawings which will make it easier for you to design your place.

Hiding The Speakers

Usually, hiding a speaker means it will be hidden in the ceiling or behind the wall but they can also be concealed without doing those methods. These specific art speakers are slim-type and can be painted or printed over with no difficulty because it has no openings that can affect its performance.

It is also important to note that the options the manufacturer provides are not limited. This only means any picture (may it be personalized or a stock photo) can be printed on your speaker to add a personalized look to them. Many audio brands have designers who sell art pieces to offer you a variety of photography choices depending on your taste and the look of the room where you will put it.

Additionally, if you don’t want to choose slim-type speakers and would like to stick to regular speakers, hiding it behind an artwork is a better option. When choosing this kind of style an in-wall speaker style is advisable.

Concealing The Speakers

This is the same concept as behind-the-wall speakers and will make it seem that it is invisible and will not disrupt the overall look of the room. Speakers are mostly bulky and this makes it challenging to include in a room that doesn’t complement its theme.

Checking The Sound Quality

You are probably curious about the effects of hiding a speaker behind the wall or choosing to purchase an art speaker that has no vents to produce a high-quality sound. However, you should know that art speakers are designed to disperse the sound properly by using vibrations. On the other hand, if your speaker is behind an artwork using specific frames and materials should be considered so you can still use it even when it is completely hidden.

Using sound speakers that provide even audio dispersal will enable users to enjoy music without distorting the quality. This will let you have an entertainment space that your guests will enjoy if you are someone that likes to throw parties and invite friends over. Add to that, your hidden sound speakers will certainly be something worth talking about with your guests. A great way to get them entertained.

It is indeed hard for some interior designers to include speakers in their list to design a specific room, they are large and most of the time they don’t suit the room’s overall style. But now, it is no longer a problem because there are options to choose from now that can transform your place while keeping the speakers in your house.

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