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Tips to Achieve Art Success on Instagram

These days, social media has become big in the world of art. Survey says that most art collectors search on Instagram more than going to art museums. If you want to mehr erfahren about social media, it can be a great place for artists to display their wonderful art pieces.

If you are an artist, that would like to achieve instant success, know how to capitalize on the use of social media. Here are some tips that can help you achieve art success through an online platform like Instagram.

Create an art account

Make your account look like an art exhibit. Decide on a niche and choose the best hues, photo size and even the frames to use. This will create a branding for your art.

Decide on a purpose

Post according to your chosen purpose. Pick whether your account will be about your portfolio or a way to display your creative workpieces. Once you have decided on the purpose of your account, stick with it so people will know why you are posting.

Add complete bio

Your bio will tell the visitors much about you. Make sure you include a short and informative biography. Also, include your website links, public social media accounts and contact number. Make your bio stylish and appealing.

Do daily post

It is best that you post daily but not more than once. This will keep your followers stay interested in your artworks.

Use the true blue

As tested, blue-toned images appear better than those with other hues. Make sure you use the right blue in your images so it will appeal to your viewers.

Use light properly

Properly lighted images will always look good online. Work on your photos in good and enough natural light.

Use movements

Sometimes, followers and visitors like videos better. You can use the platform’s 15-second video feature to showcase your gallery of workpieces.

Use hashtags properly

Hashtags allow you to find new groups of people to follow you. This will also make your way to meet other artists like you. Use hashtags that will show your artistic side. Choose those that will best describe your works. And use the hashtag to define what you are posting.

Create a connection through communication

Always check on comments and messages sent to your account. There will be followers that will connect to you through their comments on your posts. Respond to them as this will create your connection with other people. More connection will mean more audience and followers for your workpieces.

Using online platforms will give you better chances of becoming known and popular in the world of art. This can also make way for you to sell your works or maybe meet other artists. Using these online platforms properly will work wonders for your chosen career path.

So, start snapping those photos and post them in your account. You will be surprised at how many likes you will gain and how much your audience will increase through your online social media sites.

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