Word Art

You Now Have a Reason to Resent Word Art

Imagine coming out of your car to walk in what looks like your dream house and is attractive from the outside, but immediately you get in, you find a decal stuck in the living room and you want to sell my house fast or asap.

According to Real estate home agents, it is always challenging to sell a home with word art to prospective homeowners.

Word art is thought to be controversial, and some people tend to have a deeper meaning to it. This is according to Ed Deneau, who recently found a house painted Tuscan Villa with some grapevine stickers and Cucina Italian sign. Whether it is a stick-on decal placed on the wall or a sign placed on Etsy, prospective homeowners have different opinions concerning word arts, especially word art that sends shouting messages. At times decorations scare away buyers because a client’s personalized décor might look awkward to the buyer.

The following are a few tips you need to know before you buy a home or sell your house.

 If you are a prospective homeowner:

Just in case you are a potential buyer, and you come across word art, which looks awkward and makes you lose the morale to buy the house, understand that the artwork is just temporary.

You need to view the house beyond the wall and carpeting. Picture the house having your decorations and not the owners. Vinyl decorations can easily be peeled off from the wall. You can also remove the patch hanging art before the ink dries on the closing papers.

If you are a seller:

In case you are selling a house, always remember that when buyers are coming to view your home, they are reading through the images and art you have placed in your house. Some sparkly wall art cannot assist you when selling your house; this is according to Sarah Maguire of compass real estate.

A seller is always advised not to do those word art on walls. Even though there is nothing wrong with word art, it might send a wrong message to a buyer and keep your house in the market without getting a buyer.

Follow Your Realtor’s Advice

According to Sarah Maguire of compass real estate, before hosting an open house, an agent needs to walk in those homes together with sellers and point out various things that need to be removed.

Through advising clients to remove things that they would not have thought needed to be removed, the clients are able to prepare their home as best as they can. As buyers come in to view the house, they will be in a position to envision their things in the space rather than developing a bad attitude towards the house.

Sellers also need to understand that small issues within the house can significantly affect a prospective homeowner. Items that are associated with you and your taste, buyers, might choose to identify with them or not. This can be an excellent pitfall for homeowners when they are trying to sell their homes.

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