About Us

2720 Cherokee Street Gallery is a highly awaited art gallery that will feature various exhibitions concentrated on showcasing nature as it is presented through art symbols, illustrations, and portraits.

The gallery aims to curate a collection of art that boasts far-reaching diversity; one that accurately represents and explains how and why humankind uses various symbols to communicate with each throughout history.

Taking its name from where it is located – on Cherokee Street, whose name, in turn, comes from the network of caves underneath that was built under the asphalt – the gallery aims for historical representation even in its name. Though lost to time, the Cherokee Cave network is, to this day, associated with a certain secrecy and influence that undeniably characterizes the legends that Native Americans from within the area revered as true and sacred. The reach of the location’s history of power and mystery extends even to how St. Louis used the cave network as refrigeration for the breweries that were brought in during the 1800’s. As the cave network lays underneath the earth, geologists refer to it as a “karst region,” which is largely definitive of not only St. Louis’ history, but also its current spirit. This interaction of nature represented through the caves, and its influence on the very identity of the city within which it is located, is a perfect illustration of the interaction of nature and iconography that the gallery hopes to explore.

Other forms of this kind of relationship between nature and symbolism exist such as in the case of the representativeness of the New York Subway System of the city’s very own character. Emerging from these man-made caverns were graffiti writing and even Hip Hop culture, both of which have become well-known mediums of art and expression all around the world among different cultures.