Film History

Threats to Film History: How Digital Streaming Crowds Out Art-House Films and Older Movies

Video film streaming is one of the most popular activities on the internet in the modern world. Amazon Prime and Netflix offer the best platforms where you can stream thousands, if not millions, of films or other TV titles. Films are just a button away.
It is a complete change from the past where you had to use a tape player that sometimes chewed up VHS tapes. You no longer have to litter your sitting room with DVDs that would often collect scratches and dust.
Today, there are tens of TV series that keep you entertained at any time of the day. In short, the entertainment industry has transformed the world.
Is it a blessing in disguise?

Success on Instagram

Tips to Achieve Art Success on Instagram

These days, social media has become big in the world of art. Survey says that most art collectors search on Instagram more than going to art museums. If you want to mehr erfahren about social media, it can be a great place for artists to display their wonderful art pieces.
If you are an artist, that would like to achieve instant success, know how to capitalize on the use of social media. Here are some tips that can help you achieve art success through an online platform like Instagram.
Create an art account
Make your account look like an art exhibit. Decide on a niche and choose the best hues, photo size and even the frames to use. This will create a branding for…


Using Art To Hide Your Speakers

Nowadays, people are choosing artworks that will hide their sound speakers like Alpine ILX-W650 review. One reason to do it is to lessen the clutter and add character to your home by hiding speakers behind you’re an art piece. Surely, the secret speakers will rekindle your love for art and music. Also, some brands specialize in offering speakers that include photos or personalized drawings which will make it easier for you to design your place.
Hiding The Speakers
Usually, hiding a speaker means it will be hidden in the ceiling or behind the wall but they can also be concealed without doing those methods. These specific art speakers are slim-…

Place Subwoofer with Soundbar

Where to Place Subwoofer with Soundbar So It Generates Quality Sound

Many are the instances the sound emanating from televisions does not meet the user’s quality and clarity preference. To get the sound quality and clarity they want, most people connect their televisions to small subwoofer.
Modern subwoofers are added with the right features to ensure users get the desired low-frequency audios with the right bass impact. Most of these sound systems can generate sound frequencies ranging from 20 HZ to 200 HZ, but that depends on the intended use.
Installing and adjusting subwoofers to work well with soundbars requires time and effort. It does require enough room and the right placement of subwoofers with soundbars. …

Audio Sculptures

Audio Sculptures are uniquely amazing

Audio sculpture or mainly known as sound art is a based art form in which a sculpture or any form of an object produces sounds or it can easily be defined as a kind of artistic sculpture that produces sounds. Each company like has their own understanding and definition of sound art. People get confused with the difference between mainly “music” with sound art. Some say that sound artwork the same as how music works. Some also believe that music should not only be limited to harmony and melody. Music should be seen as an organization of sound objects such as pitches, the so-called notes, frequencies, etc.
As per Camilo Salazar, a Programme Manager of Music…

CBD can stimulate

CBD can stimulate and enhance artists’ creativity

After legislation of the farm bill that allowed the growth of hemp for production CBD products, Pain relief with CBD has gained popularity. The endorsement by some famous people such as Kate Young and Moore has propelled CBD oil to greater heights in the discovery of their uses. Initially, CBD oil became famous because of its pharmaceutical uses, such as in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and pain reliever.
New Uses
CBD oil has gained new uses in many areas. There are suggestions that it can be used by artists, and individuals in creative professionals to enhance their productivity. A water production company famous for the Recess water brand has…

Art Of Truth Or Dare

The Fine Art Of Truth Or Dare” By Melissa Jensen

The Fine Art Of truth and dare ideas is one of the best of Jensen’s works.
It’s based on Ella, who is a very unpopular girl in school but Ella isn’t particularly craving popularity. In fact, she hates the social divide and is very content with her life. That is until she falls in love with the most popular guy at school, Alex, and that changes her life in a classic chick-flick romance, and many sweet kisses that will make you blush and sigh.
That’s not all there is to the book, though.
Yes, it’s for teenage audiences, it is full of tingling romance and, like most books of this genre, it has a largely predictable ending.
However, it has quirks…

Cannabis Influences

How Cannabis Influences Creativity

Cannabis can change your state of mind in a lot of ways – sometimes unimaginable. One thing that may surprise you is its ability to influence your creativity. With more than 100 psychoactive compounds present in cannabis seeds, it is very likely that it has this miraculous creativity-boosting effects. Follow this link if you want to find out if this is true or not.
There have been lots of studies that target this specific topic. How can cannabis influence a person’s creativity?
What researchers found out is something you may not have expected. Cannabis may not be directly related to …

Weight Loss Is More of an Art than Science

Weight Loss Is More of an Art than Science

Weight loss is one of the most challenging goals there are. It sounds simple enough, but it’s always easier said than done. If you look it up online, you will find that there are tons of blogs or articles suggesting PhenQ for losing weight. These articles have different perspectives and various takes on how to begin the journey to successful weight loss. Most of them explain how weight loss happens, breaking down parts of the body that are responsible for gaining and losing weight. It’s very scientific, isn’t it? While it’s incredibly informative to know these things, it’s also important to recognize that losing weight is more of an art…

Art-Related Shows to Binge-Watch

Best Art-Related Shows to Binge-Watch

If you’re an aspiring artist or simply just a person who admires art, then watching TV or art-related shows on Ganool123 are a perfect fit in your binge-watch plan. With that in mind, we have gathered a list of the best art-related shows that will satisfy your admiration of art.
In The Mirror of Maya Deren
This documentary show is all about the influence of a 1940’s-50’s avant-garde film artists, Maya Deren. The show uncovers the magic of her influence that echoes in her films such as the “Meshes of the Afternoon”, and notable filmmakers Stan Brakhage and Jonas Mekas share rare behind-the-scenes footage of Deren working on her films.
Raiders of The …