I'm More Confortable With Life's Ponderables

One of my current high-rotation songs has the lines “if I told you that I knew about the sun and the moon, I’d be untrue. The only thing I know for sure is what I wanna do.” The song is called “Wanna Make it Witchu.” Connecting the dots from there is pretty easy.

Anyway, the point is this: sometimes pondering the imponderable just gets a little ponderous. Sometimes it’s just easier to sit back and deal with certainties.

For example, at this moment, I am completely and utterly certain that I am really freakin’ tired of these snow storms that keep making my trip to and from work a tension-filled, hazardous journey and necessitate further shoveling of the driveway. I am just as certain that I wouldn’t be complaining if a little global warming would blow over Colorado over the next few weeks and melt some of these giant mounds of snow along with all the ice (and those concrete-like ice potholes that seem to be forming on most of the side streets). I am even more certain that I’m jealous of the darling girl who, being a teacher in a district that just called another snow day, was happily sleeping when I left the house this morning.

Stupid freakin’ snow.

Yeah. That’s probably the depth of my depth for the day.