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Saturday, May 26th

Back Trap Yoga


2720 Cherokee

The eastern practice of unifying mind and body through yoga, partnered with the soul stirring sounds of trap music is the essence of Back Trap Yoga; an hour long, all levels, sonically driven yoga class. Back Trap Yoga is St. Louis’ first Trap Yoga experience.

Pull up to 2720 Cherokee for Back Trap Yoga with Brittany L Hill and music as its backbone. Playlist includes eclectic mixes laced with jazz, r&b, electronic, funk, trap music and more guiding you through different shapes, linking them with breath. The heart of the practice is rooted in self awakening and sonic energy. Serving up transformative vibes for the culture and moisturizing your soul. Come meet God and Guwop in the same place.


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2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center
2720 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, Missouri 63118
(314) 282-8017