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Wednesday, April 18th

Campaign to Close the Workhouse – Fundraiser



This event is a community fundraiser to support the campaign to Close the Workhouse, and is a collaboration between ArchCity Defenders, St. Louis Action Council, M.O.R.E. / Decarcerate STL and The Bail Project.

The Workhouse is a St. Louis City jail known for unspeakably hellish and inhumane conditions. For decades, a majority of people detained in the Workhouse have been innocent, unable to pay cash bail, and languished in horrific conditions while awaiting trial.

On Wednesday, April 18th at 2720 Cherokee, we invite you to come out and join a powerful coalition working to build political pressure to Close the Workhouse.

The evening will include an opportunity to meet and hear from campaign members and organizers.

Music by Nappy DJ Needles!

More on The Workhouse:

The City of St. Louis daily condemns hundreds of presumptively innocent people to suffer in unspeakably hellish and inhumane conditions at the Workhouse. St. Louis Citys Medium Security Institution (MSI) infamously inherited the name the Workhouse as people were sentenced to forced labor at the institution when they could not afford to pay their fines. This practice continues today as people remain incarcerated due to their inability to afford unconstitutional high cash bails. The vast majority of people held at the Workhouse are awaiting trial and remain caged and criminalized due to their poverty. Humans incarcerated additionally face horrific conditions in the jail, suffering from extreme heat and cold, abysmal medical care, rats and cockroach infestations, and mold.

The Workhouse is non-reformable and no human should be incarcerated there. It is time for the Workhouse to be shut down and for St. Louis to invest in all its communities.

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