This is a past event!

Tuesday, September 19th

Cherry Death / Dusk / Jane Wave / Strange Places / Nibiru

on september 19th at 9pm for the very reasonable price of $7
at RKDE above 2720
come see

CHERRY DEATH (from oklahoma city)
rock n roll that borrows from 60s psychedelic rock as much as it does late 80s alternative shit on SST records, cherry death can write a perfect shoegaze song and a perfect folk song and then sometimes even play them at the same time. a music collective that shares members with the fufs and american hate and lots of wonderful people from every band you’ve liked from okc lately

DUSK (from appleton wisconsin)
members of tenement and technicolor teeth take on country music, with an amazing vocal energy from julia blair that has to be seen live. a big ensemble with organs and lap steels and guitars and lots of cool country shit (probably bolo ties) and your new favorite songs to cry to / square dance to

STRANGE PLACES (from here in the ol STL)
holy shit have you seen this band yet? this is folk music made from someone swinging on a porch on the inside of a tab of acid or maybe in space or who knows. i’ve never been to the deserts of mars but i think this band gave me a good feel for it much better than any rover any would. oh ps dude runs one of the best labels stl has ever seen

jane wave was solo music from someone named sam (note that sam and jane are different names) but now its a full band and DAMN ITS TIGHT. reverby and kind of mellow tones that don’t let you relax because its getting too real the whole time

NIBIRU (new band from STL first show wow)
the latest raw pop group from the minds that brought you times beach and military police. desperate synthy pop music that is loud and hurts a little bit. i dont know someone else can describe my band im OUT

thanks for reading and dont forget
september 19th 9pm $7

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