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Thursday, October 15th



w/ Bones Jugs & Harmony

Bluegrass · Americana · Rock · Folk · Jam · Psychedelic


*SLOW STREET* The long awaited studio album AVAILABLE NOW on ITUNES!

Cornmeal has never been a band to shy away from reinvention and after over a decade, they
are proving just that as the band sets out with a newly reformed lineup, a fresh energetic
sound and heads back into the studio to nish their long awaited rst studio album after
almost 6 years. A nationally recognized live music institution, Cornmeal is heavily inuenced
by American roots and folk music and seamlessly blends lightning fast tempos and
impeccable harmonies into an unrivaled live performance that continues to expand upon
the ve-piece acoustic-electric groups’ vast musical repertoire. While steeped in the tradition
of the past, Cornmeal continues to forge a path all their own, pushing the boundaries of
bluegrass, Americana and folk for a whole new generation of music lovers. With a growing
fan base and ever-evolving sound, Cornmeal challenges the recipe of bluegrass and live

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