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Sunday, December 14th

Ecstatic Dance

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Transform your body and spirit and experience the bliss of letting go in dance through the first ecstatic dance ever in our city! Ecstatic dance is a movement taking place in over 40 communities world-wide. The ecstatic dance community as a whole was inspired by the original ecstatic dance taking place at Kalani Honua on the big island of hawaii. Ecstatic Dance is a silent movement. “At Ecstatic Dance, we join together to create a safe and sacred space for dancing. No talking on the dance floor allows us to move out of our heads and into our bodies, hearts, and souls. We leave behind the words and worries of the day and connect with spirit and one another in new ways.” Ecstatic Dance Is a safe space for us to connect with ourselves and others in a drug and alcohol free zone. We all love to go out and dance on the weekend but it has come to my attention that not everybody is always on the dance floor with the right intention. At ecstatic dance, we set a positive intention. “Ecstatic Dance has been created as a safe container, whether we’re dancing alone or with others. Ecstatic Dance is contact-friendly, but keep in mind that we all have different levels of comfort when it comes to being approached and touched. Please be mindful and make sure the way you approach other dancers is resonant with them. If somebody offers you a shared dance and you are not interested, simply give them a bow with hands at your heart to say, “no thank you”.

Come join us to help make Ecstatic Dance a weekly event, our community needs it! Who doesn’t like starting their morning off by blowing off all the steam and stress from the week and dancing to some funky beats!!

$5 dollar or more recommended donation based event

ecstatic dance video in Houston:

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