This is a past event!

Friday, November 25th


Culture · Variety · Hip-hop


In order to let you get a shining glipse of the raw talent we have in STL, Blacktivty is presenting, “FLOW”. FLOW will be a freestyling cypher session featuring 3 different DJ’s and 10 different musicians. The musicaians will range from rappers to singers and everything in between.

Everything meaning  completly open to: Ndigo, Weirdo, Space Kids, The left-outs, the looked over, The artists, the lovers, the peacemakers, the grinders,  gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans brothers and sisters and everyone who was ever doubted, bullied, or criticized. Show the world how you shine.

Make sure your on the streets of Cherokee on Black Friday for a great post Turkey-Day binge on the arts.

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2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center
2720 Cherokee St.
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