This is a past event!

Thursday, February 16th

FREE: Alien Birthday Party Hosted by Hendrix & Mohawk


Captain + Abra Collabruh + Semisound + More Special Guests TB

Dubstep · Bass · Electronic

A true tradition from 2720’s past!

We are curating a semi regular (possibly weekly) Thursday Night Party showcasing the best local and regional producers and DJs in the dance music community. The night will always be FREE for 21+ and just $5 for 18+.

Our goal here is a night where all of you talented friends and family can come hang and build your community with each other. It will be a night where you can rub elbows and spitball ideas with many of the local artists, as well as show promoters, and production folks.. almost like an industry night for US.. with all the bells and whistles of a big banger show of course!

For this third edition, we are celebrating Yvan’s (deh sound guy) birthday and will feature Captain, Abra Collabruh, SemiSound & many more special guests TBA, and will be hosted by Hendrix and Mohawk!

We hope you’ll join us, party hardy, and we’ll be around all night to hear your ideas, catch up with you, and hopefully work out getting you involved with one of the upcoming nights at 2720!

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