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Thursday, March 15th

Grownup Music presents: Mike Herr’s “Blue Western Palace”


Blank Space

Mike Herr (GUM tape release)
RA Child
Larva Lu
18aC (DJ set between performances and afterwards)

This is a safe event:

Here it is: the first Grownup Music release of the year. Mike Herr’s “Blue Western Palace” will be hitting the airwaves and starting GUM’s year up on March the fifteenth at Blank Space. This night will feature supporting sets from a wonderful lineup consisting of the post-hip hop demons of RA Child, the ever shape-shifting soundscape of Larva Lu, and an exciting new act by the name of Kiki who floored me upon seeing their first show. 18aC will be spinning wax between sets for our enjoyment and transcendence.

Following his release of “Continual Debrief” last year– a beautiful self-released tape featuring artwork by the extremely talented Elizabeth Moore– this new release attempts to go above and beyond this scope using almost identical instrumentation. This new “Blue Western Palace,” put out through Grownup Music presents two pieces, one on each side. The dance between Mike’s consistent, yet maleable grooves and the hellish module triggered by them is equal parts enchanting and unsettling. Having personally worked on this record I’ve got to say that it is a wonderful piece of music that you most definitely want to listen to. Come celebrate.

–Mike Herr–
As one of the most exciting solo performers to hail out of St Louis Mike Herr shines. On the set he meditates and feels tugged by invisible wire. His reactions to imperceivable stimuli pulsate rhythmically or not, and an occasional metal plate brings you to life only to slowly melt into the texture once again. Mike Herr tells stories through the skins, shows us every detail, lets them speak their mind, and leaves the other side dumbfounded. He will be releasing “Blue Western Palace” (GUM007) on tape this evening.

–RA Child–
This powerhouse of an experimental hip hop trio comes packed with an energy that feels ancient and foreseen. The exchanges in voices happen smoothly, but create stark contrast between three emcees that complement each other while protecting opposite realms. The instrumentals are hellish and troubling– the perfect bedding for the conjuring atop. It is a union of force as much as it is a clash of chaos, and we love to see the sparks fly.

With members hailing from G.N.A.T., Dentist, and other St Louis punk acts, Kiki defies the norm of your usual hardcore punk with songs that are as full of personality as they are infectiously catchy. Shared vocal duties from Amina and Xóchitl leave us with two very different fronts that keep the listener on their toes as these forces pummel atop instrumentals that are powerful and endearing. I believe they’ve only played one show, and I am very excited to see some more.

–Larva Lu–
I am beyond ecstatic for the chance to see Larva perform solo once again. Known for their wonderful sonic solo and collaborative work, as well as their wildly idiosyncratic DJ Deep Tape sets, Larva Lu has always been of the most important and perhaps more enigmatic performers in the city’s experimental history. Their affinity for thought-provoking soundscapes that slowly evolve and absorb you shines through every set. Every time I see Larva play I close my eyes halfway through and the sight is beautiful.

–18aC (DJ set)–
Living legend of St Louis hip hop, leader of TheOnlyEnsemble and the wax slinger we don’t deserve, 18andCounting has cemented a reputation in the city as one of the most forward thinking performers to have touched it. He will be scoring this evening with DJ sets between performances, as well as afterwards.


Blank Space
$7-$10 at the door // Bring cash to purchase “Blue Western Palace” on tape
GUM merchandise will be available for sale

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