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Thursday, March 8th


The three artists have come together to bring their powerhouse vocals to Cincinnati, Louisville,
Saint Louis, Kansas City, and two respective venues in Iowa (Anna Wise in Des Moines and
Madison McFerrin/Zenizen in Grinnell). The Love Yourself theme represents a call to action as
society navigates challenging cultural and political climates in America and abroad.


Anna Wise​ a Grammy-winner and outspoken feminist, shared her vision with Vogue​, telling
them “my goal for humanity would be for us to get to a place where there is no war, there is no
bigotry, there is no hatred, racism, misogyny . . . we’re kind to others, we’re kind to ourselves,
and we’re kind to the Earth. And I think that starts with empowering women. I do.” NPR
describes her EP as “…a lucid set of dream-pop and R&B designed to uplift the masses.” In
2016, Anna self-released her first solo project, The Feminine: Act I. The Feminine: Act II
followed in 2017.
Madison McFerrin, ​daughter of jazz legend, Bobby McFerrin, recently spoke to Viceland​ about
her song, “Can You see,” a reflection on police brutality. Through the song, she acknowledges
the injustice “we seem to ignore and not change systematically, and what it feels like to be a
person of color in this country knowing that these things happen on a daily basis.” Upon hearing
her 2016, solo debut, Finding Foundations: Vol. I, the New York Times ​remarked how her
sound “shows wonderful vocal dexterity, deftly swerving from sharp, clearly enunciated staccato
bursts to fluttery, free-form melismata.” Pitchfork​ recently noted how she “crafts rich, infectious
soul songs using only her voice.” This February, music fans will get more of McFerrin’s take on
a capella, soul on Finding Foundations: Vol. II.
Pitchfork​ describes Zenizen​ as “a Brooklyn-based band that fuses soul, jazz R&B, and rock
into songs that celebrate both hedonism and mindfulness.”. Band leader and main songwriter
Opal Hoyt describes the project to Noisey​ as “a project where I’m in control of a lot of elements
but bring in badass musicians to take the helm and make this their own too.” Since heading to
Australia for the second time to write/record the band’s debut EP, she has been back in New
York simultaneously playing shows and working on the band’s ‘vaguely seasonal’ full-length —
due in 2018. The EP, Australia Deluxe is now out on vinyl courtesy of Don Giovanni Records
and includes remixes from DJ Bruce, Suzi Analogue, Vulture Street Tape Gang, and Black

Full Tour Schedule:
3/4 – Cincinnati, OH – Woodward Theater
3/6 – Louisville, KY – Lola @ Butchertown Grocery
3/8 – Saint Louis, MO – Blank Space
3/9 – Kansas City, MO – Riot Room
3/10 – Grinnell, IA – Grinnell College (Madison McFerrin/Zenizen only​)
3/10 – Des Moines, IA – Des Moines Social Club (Anna Wise only​)
3/12-3/18 – Austin, TX – SXSW

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