This is a past event!

Friday, April 8th

Lusidelia Costume Party


w/ Lusid + Quasar Camp + Kevin Shpacey

Experimental · Glitch · Live electronica · Psychedelic · Trip-hop · Visual · Bass

Welcome to the psychedelic oasis of Lusidelia. We gather on this day for a celebration that reverberates eons to into the space time continuum. The completion of a spaceship to another realm. In honor of such a monumental event your host Lusid will be throwing a Space Disco Costume Party to break it down to the molecular dance floor of subatomic particles. Dress in your favorite space alien attire (no phonies) and get in free! We will be having entertainment from all corners of expression including.


||Quasar Camp||
||Kevin Shpacey||

Live Art:

||Brandon Arnold||
||Meditative Visions||

Nick Fozzy

Fire Performance:

||Kyle “Blinky” Soller||
||Austin “Mufasa Lee”||
||Sierra Spincraze Zimmer||
||Jordan Neumeier||


-New never before seen Lusid Spaceship
-Blacklight Wonderland
-Alien Spacebar
-Space Face Paints
-Costume Contest
-4 X 18” Subs
-and much more!


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