This is a past event!

Friday, July 6th



2847 RKDE

HOLY SMOKES!!!! The time has come for all of us to boogie down and feel the hot hot sweaty vibes of pulsating tuneskis pumping through our brainwaves! If you’re looking for poutine eatin’ rockers from Canada, Super Nintendo playing pop grunge rockers from Bob Mould & Crunch’s backyard, maybe a little chill funky flower posi meditating dance music, or some psycho-gothwave-ski influenced-Warren Zevon worshiping punk rock!?!? THIS GATHERING WILL DEFINITELY HAVE IT ALL!!!!!

Hailing all the way from Vancouver, BC! We have PUZZLEHEAD bringing the heaving hitters! Check out this amazing music video , these are the truly dedicated art freaks that keep me excited about life.

Woweee you might have seen HOTLINE TNT at the Nest a few weeks ago, but this time they’ll be playing with their epic drummer from Minneapolis! They will have actual copies of their ripping 7” vinyl release that will be sure to make your cool uncle’s top ten 2018 alternative rock releases!!!

WHAT?!!?! You’re telling me Pounders is dusting off the ol’ drum machine to bring a pummeling electronic performance to the holy haven of Metal Slug?! YES! JANE WAVE will be ripping up the dance floor and possibly dripping candle wax and baby powder on your new crocs shoes! Let’s get busy!

The dorks who’ve studied the Greg Sage riffs, the nerds who’ve drooled over the cheesiest B-movies, the dinks who’ve been known to play so hard that their pimples pop onstage!!! TRAUMA HARNESS will bring a hot stinky mix of gloomy tunes and also uplifting boppers that’ll even make Peter Hook turn his head!!!

$8 or so would be nice to give to the bands for gas money and candy bars! Thanks so much for everyone for having a real good heart that beats for livin!

There will also be live video games at this event!!!! And tasty tasty cocktails!!! I highly recommend the “button smasher”!!! And they also rock non-alcoholic bevs too!!! I love just having a bubble gut night by slamming Topo Chico too! If we all play our cards right…we can all go to John Donut after the show!!

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