This is a past event!

Friday, July 28th

Radical Twerk: Reclaiming Your Black Body

Twerking, a New Orleans’ dance turned mainstream, has been considered controversial from rap videos to Miley Cyrus. This workshop explores a new perspective on twerk, one that places this dance in its historical and global context and as one strategy to liberating and reclaiming our Black bodies and sexuality.
In this workshop we will:
-Learn about women centered cultural dances from around the globe
-Openly discuss current and personal connections to historical dances
-Develop your own radical twerking practice

Limit is 35 folk.

**This sexshop is for everyone, (yes men, you too). You may not want to twerk but you are strongly encouraged to move your body. If you’re hoping to just watch other people twerk, this space is not for you.

Cost is $15
Purchase here:
Dope flyer by Lola Ogbara
*Workshop followed by TWERK PARTY part 2*

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