This is a past event!

Sunday, September 17th

SHEER MAG / Laffing Gas / Dracla / crimdollacray / MOM

SHEER MAG – PA – rock and roll will never die. this band gives me hope that the future still has rock n roll. dude, these riffs. such sick vocals. seriously, if you didn’t see this band last time, you need to see them this time. if you have seen them before, you’re already coming.

LAFFING GAS – IN – you know, the band that’s bugg but playing sharp, clean hardcore that won’t get out of your head. GET YOUR POGOS UP TO PAR you’re gonna need em. *uploaded by jimmy*

DRACLA – STL – finally getting his big break after hundreds of years of working in the industry. yall like sabbath? yall like heavy shit? Dracla is legit the primo st louis representative of bands for people who say yes to those questions.

CRIMDOLLACRAY – STL – this craycer gunna brang dimple seeds and gayde waynes for days, face! playin all the hottest bangers between, before and after bands until donna goes to bed.
she’s a dj, you don’t need a link.

MOM – STL – this band really is a fav newbie of myself and many others. Piper should have been fronting bands for years by now. sick riffs, pop rock hardcore.

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