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Lusid, Quasar Camp, Kevin Shpacey and more!


Artist Bios:

Baltimore, MD

After a very successful year in 2015, SOOHAN is ready to take his music to the next level in 2016. The widespread popularity of both albums earned him his first national tour and sets at 11 different music festivals in 2015, including sets at Camp Bisco, Infrasound Equinox, Great North and a main stage set at Emissions West Coast Bass Festival.

SOOHAN has returned with his third full length album “SOOHAN- Global Gate 808.” His first two albums became an immediate internet sensation, garnering over 550K this year alone. The widespread popularity of both albums earned SOOHAN his first national tour and sets at 11 different music festivals in 2015, including sets at Camp Bisco, Infrasound Equinox, Great North a main stage set at Camp Question Mark’s Emissions West Coast Bass Festival. For 2016, he has already been confirmed for Sonic Bloom and Lucidity Festival.

SOOHAN’s remixes pay homage to the mighty 808 kick and utilize a unique and extensive sample selection that make his work truly memorable. He takes us on a multi-faceted journey across the globe, pulling from the traditional music of various cultures and from the depths of our nostalgia. His unique sound sets him apart from many popular bass music acts, and has earned him a cult following across the U.S. Where else are you going to find trapped out Turkish folk music? Do yourself a favor and press play.


St. Louis, MO

Coming from an ancient, faraway dimension known to humans
as St. Louis, MO, “Lusid” has arrived on our planet to bring a
head-bobbing musical project that is simply out of this world.
The groovy psychedelia of Dean McDonnell’s auditory
brainchild is overflowing with diverse instrumentation; this
includes the interesting adoption of live guitar, funky bass,
tribal didgeridoo, atmospheric theremin, and vinyl record
scratching. Tangled with the handwoven threads of crowd-
moving electronica, Lusid focuses on funky fresh vibes and
floor-stomping appeal against an absolutely titillating
wardrobe choice. It’s gooey, and his impressive musical worlds
offer a dreamy, sensational rhythm to the dance floor, his latest
release being “Visions from the Cryo Chamber” from 2016.
Since 2009, his innovative soundscapes have been enjoyed all
across the United States, a series of performances witnessed at
Backwoods, Suwannee Hulaween, Zen Awakening, and many
more. Better grab a helmet, for the mind-tingling adventure of
Lusid will put you into a state of psychedelic bliss.

Quasar Camp
St. Louis, MO

Specializes in multigenre bass music of varying tempos and scratching.

Kevin Shpacey
St. Louis, MO

Specializes in psy bass vibes and spaced out mixes using original sounds and favorites from others.

**VISUALS PROVIDED BY Brandyn Zpacely**


BongoJak Vs. The Loop Machine
O’Fallon, Illinois

Bongo Jak is a diversely talented musician who plays in a number of bands including Blue Fruit Snacks, The Driftaways, and many more. BongoJak has played thousands of shows all over the US over the past six years. When he discovered the passion that the loop machine brought him, he created BongoJak Vs. The Loop Machine and the rest was history! “The loop machine” a recording device that captures his many talents including, but not limited to guitar, vocals, harmonica, synth, specialty drums, and general percussion. He playsmany original and classic tunes with a BongoJak twist from artists like, Bob Marley, Phish, Grateful Dead, Sublime and many more. BongoJak also plays with a number of special guests during many of his shows. Check the events tab to stay up to date on upcoming shows!

The Woodsmiths
Columbia, MO

Corey-Gypsy Drum Kit/Hand Percussion
Jordan-Washtub/Acoustic Bass
Jeannine Elizabeth-Fiddle

Born and raised on the streets of downtown Columbia MO. A gritty street band that rolls as steady as the River on the edge of their hometown and the liquor that flows through the music.

“This one’s about whiskey,” says the singer of The Woodsmiths, the first band to perform. The folk band featured a guitar, the drums, a violin and an upright bass fashioned out of a string and a tin bucket. As the singer belted out the one-word chorus, festgoers slammed a few shots of whiskey to transition from appreciating movies to appreciating alcohol.

The quartet glided through a set filled with similarly-themed songs. A few brave souls took to the otherwise empty dance floor to bust some moves that in another setting would be socially condemning but felt acceptable in Eastside.

After The Woodsmiths gave its parting words by kindly asking the audience to “tip them in drugs,” BY JACK FLEMMING
MARCH 5, 2015

Blake Gardner & The Farmers
Columbia, MO

Blk Grdnr: Vocals, Guitar
Rob Tha Boss: Drums, Trumpet
KronSax: Sax
Beefill: Percussion
ADam FairChild: Guitar
KevJerez: Keys
Tucker: Bass
K-Phunk: Bass, Drums
Grantley: Keys, Bass
SDR: Guitar
Tim Schrautemeier: Drums
Matt Poland: Drums
HeezOnFire: Production

Blake Gardner & The Farmers break free from being able to be defined by a single genre through mixing together elements of blues, reggae, hip-hop, funk, and nearly everything else under the sun. Known for their improvisation and collaboration with other artists, Blake Gardner & The Farmers are sure to make each performance as unique and memorable as the last.

Orange Punch Warfare
Mt. Scally, IL

Rob Hoffman – Keys, Guitar & Vocals
Dennis Gaddis – Drums
Jake Hartmann – Bass & Drinks
Richard Pieper – Strummer and Singer

“this summer was the 10 year anniversary of the release of “The New Sound” and in my opinion,it still holds up rather well for what it was. a garage rock/pop album,by a garage band,recorded in a garage studio. At the time of it’s release,the band was unhappy with the finished product and when they played their last show 3 years later, they had dropped all but one song from the setlist. But 10 years is a long time. Listening to OPdub’s “New Sound” now, in spite of the production or the overall quality of the performance itself, I can’t deny the appeal of the songs. “Champagne Headache” is still the greatest hit single that never was and sticky wads of stoner bubblegum like “Morning Cigarette” & “Master Plan” were always crowd pleasers during OPW’s live shows. The mammoth 11 minute “Freudian Slip/Partly Cloudy” seems less like filler material and more like an epic album closer and erratic numbers like “Sloppy” have aged gracefully,probably because of their wackiness. There’s always a looming threat that the band could reunite and release a 2nd studio effort, and some new Orange Punch Warfare might be interesting, but this debut release is still exactly what the title implies.” “The New Sound of Orange Punch Warfare” is available @ CDBaby itunes,napster,and other on-line music outlets.

Live painting by Zachary Matthew Steele Downen


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