This is a past event!

Saturday, December 17th

Temple – Holiday Gathering


Soulacybin + Lusid + Kevin Shpacey + James Jordan

Psychedelic · Electronic · Bass

Temple is a live concert event that brings to you a spiritual vibe with electro psychadelic rhythms.  This will be a 4 part live music concert featuring the artist: Soulacybin, Lucid, Kevin Spacey and James jordan.

Soulacybin was incubated as pure auditory information, coded deep in alien realms of distant, future space.

Lusid hails from the realms of Lusidelia the psychedelic funk guru Lusid fills your brain with cosmic mysteries and tales of mind altering experiences.

James Jordan is fresh from the Astral Observatory Bonfire Sessions.

Keven Shpacey‘s name says it all.

Each of these acts will bring to you an out of this world vibe that is sure to give you a new experience.

18+ | Doors 7pm | $20

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2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center
2720 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, Missouri 63118
(314) 282-8017