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Friday, January 20th

The 7th Annual Shimmy Showdown


Performar Tanis Lee + DJ Monsieur Gaston + Celebrity Judges + More Surprises


Hosted by Lola van Ella we bring you the 7th annual Shimmy Showdown. On January 20th, 2720 Cherokee will be pulsing with excitement as we watch some of the most fabulous, glamorous, and talented women take the stage, ready for combat.

12 Competitors
1 Night
1 Shimmy Shaker will reign supreme!

This hilarious, improv, “death match” style competition will be a night of unforgettable entertainment! 20016’s show features even more incredible world class competitors from across the nation, making the competition even more intense, varied, exciting and completely unpredictable!

Your competitors:

Annie Cherry – Kansas City
Auralie Wilde – Iowa City
Jessica Jacques – Columbia, MO
Lilly Rascal – Chicago
Nina La Voix – NYC
Parker Go Peep – Denver
Patsy Blue Ribbon – Indianapolis
Rose Whip – STL
Sapphire Jones – NYC
Shan De Leers – Nashville
Shazza Dazzla – Shreveport/STL
ShelBelle ShamRock – Dallas

The Shimmy Showdown is presented to you by Van Ella Productions, a company known for its high class stage spectacles and touring productions, including the Beggar’s Carnivale and Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival. In its 6th year, The Shimmy Showdown has become a hilarious and ridiculous counterpart to traditional burlesque pageants and competitions and has gained international notability for its unique and original take on the genre.

Doors 8pm | $15 |18 +


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