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Sunday, July 23rd

Postponed/Canceled: The Drowning Girls


Upstairs in RKDE

It is with a heavy heart and pruney feet that we must postpone Fourth Wall Down’s production of “The Drowning Girls”. With strength and poise, this production team faced and overcame a truly impressive number of challenges to create something unique and meaningful; but when a kidney stone starts rolling, you move out of the way. As far as reasons to regroup go, laser surgery is pretty legitimate. “The Drowning Girls” and our fundraising effort will return, once we’ve caught our breath. In the meantime, please consider donating to, in support of all the great work they do.


“The Drowning Girls” – A Play by Beth Graham, Daniela Vlaskalic, and Charlie Tomlinson.
*Regional premier presented by Fourth Wall Down*

COMPLETELY FREE! (Although, charitable donations are encouraged)
Presented as a pay-what-you-can benefit, proceeds will go to ALIVE (Alternatives for Living in Violent Environments.

Show starts at 8, but be sure to get to 2720 early to hit up the bar before the performance.

Margaret Lofty – Kelly Hummert
Bessie Mundy – Kilby Yarbrough
Alice Burnham – Léerin Campbell
Stage Manager – Hannah Pauluhn
Executive Producer – Nick Henderson

Join us for an evening of storytelling with Bessie Mundy, Alice Burnham, and Margaret Lofty as they share their lives- and deaths- at the hands of their husband, George Joseph Smith.

Based on the real-life, sensationalized 1915 “Brides in the Bathtub” trial of George Joseph Smith, England’s first convicted ‘multiple murderer’ (serial killer); this imaginative play delves deep into the post-mortem psyche of his victims, pieced together using games, caricatured pantomime, and inventive storytelling. Offset by a surprising amount of joy and playfulness, the audience travels alongside three of George’s doomed brides, as they recount their lives and the circumstances of their marriages (and subsequent deaths).

Sharing headlines with ‘The Great War’ and the Suffragette movement, George Joseph Smith’s trial not only introduced forensic pathology and ‘serial killers’ to the world stage, but in many ways put Edwardian society on trial, even as the WWI propaganda rang out, ‘Business As Usual’. A symphony of metatheatricality, the entire play exists in that eternal flash we all race towards.

“Drowning girls, we are told, in the brief space of consciousness left them, review every incident of their lives… What recollections and reflections must have raced through their brains? Each caress, every tender word, every secret, all the laughter, all rushed back to them in that last crowded moment of consciousness.”

Fourth Wall Down presents shows in multiple locations, to showcase the flexibility of our material, and performers. Stay tuned for more info on where else to see this unique production.

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