This is a past event!

Friday, February 10th

Winter Reggae Rock Fest


Unifyah + Guerrilla Theory + Common Jones + Tree One Four

Funk · Reggae · Roots · Rock

Join us for an incredible night full of live music and live art with some of the best that STL has to offer. With the weather being so sparadic, its nice to know we have something in store that will remain the same.

With the reggae scene steadily growing in St. Louis, it was a matter of time before they come together to heat up your winter in St. Louis. Join your friends at 2720 and these great artist for a night of audio and visual pleasure from:

Unifyah consisting of Kevin Griffin(Vocals), Bill Davis (Guitar), Greg Stansberry(Bass), Timothy Eytalis (Drums), Reggie Morrow (Trumpet), Bryan Coughlan (trombone/BGVocals), Jesse Moore (Sax), Mike Powers (Sax/Keys/BGVocals) and Trevor Jones (Percussion). Unifyah brings a refreshing vibe that coalesces Reggae, Ska, Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, and Dub to create their unique style and sound.

Guerrilla Theory  are a few guys with a passion for music that got together to make some noise. Their sound has been described as innovative and they have a following that knows this group is on their way towards something incredible.

Common Jones consists of five seasoned musicians from and around the St. Louis music scene. Members from the Blood Brothers, Psycho Beach Party, The Unmentionables, (P-Nut) “solo artist”. Common Jones brings a old school freshness to the table while taking traditional Blues and Rock styles then mashing them into a Hip Hop/Reggae bowl, and smoking the FUNK out of it.

Tree One Four are a four man band from St.Louis with a distinctive psychedelic reggae rockin funky blues sound. An yes, that genre description was meant to get you excited to witness it.

Each of these artist combine several different genre’s but the main thing they have for you is a funky winter reggae rock festival. See you there!


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