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Thursday, December 21st

Winter Solstice ft. Thriftworks and Charlesthefirst


Clegg + Letters

EDM · Electronica · IDM

Unknown Frequency and DownRight ENT. Present…
Winter Solstice

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Lush and swampy soundscapes, supremely detailed, building and breaking apart, conjuring imagery of flight and folly. Thriftworks seems to specialize in thumbing his nose to traditional pop music – constructing an engaging and unique sound that ruffles feathers and sends shivers down your spine. As with anything that breaks new musical ground, sometimes it takes more than a first listen. Each track is densely layered, drawing the audience into a state of contemplative meditation. Beautifully strange, TheFeather and the Sword displays a maturation to an already unique sound. Lyrical plumage that both tickles and cuts are nested deeply into the futuristic instrumentation of a gold-hearted madman.

Fusing his organic hip hop roots with lush and experimental electronic composition, CharlestheFirst has developed a danceable style steeped in dreaminess and psychedelia. Born in 1996 in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Charles has been heavily influenced by nature and the adventure that coincides with it.


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