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Saturday, August 15th

Yo! Adrian! presents… DUB ROOTS f/ The Widdler & JuJu


w/ Bommer + SubOxyde

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******Yo! Adrian! Presents*******
————-Dub Roots—————–

This is the third installation of many Dub Roots parties in St Louis!

***We will have PK subs in the house this night***

Dub Roots shows will focus primarily on UK influenced dubstep that originated in the late 90s and early 2000s. Each artist is hand selected each show to suit the style of the evening but expect high quality productions and extra sound at each event as we like to focus on low frequencies!

The Two Headliners are The Widdler and JuJu!!

THIS is normally the day that I have Homecoming and this year I am having a couple of my favorite artists in town in its place so please come out and support as if it were Homecoming! The production and the music will be amazing! Ticket link will be up soon!! Homecoming is a 100% next year…only because the lineup must be that much bigger than the last!

Presales are only $10


**The Widdler** (Tel Aviv) – Bass Music

Dank N’ Dirty / Mallabel / Owsla

Born in Tel Aviv and now living in Austin, TX, The Widdler has been playing and producing music since the age of 10. Renowned in the American dubstep scene since his inception with releases such as Sensei Samurai, Froggy Style, and Lady Dub, which are regarded as classics in the genre.

His sounds are endorsed by many including Skrillex, Bassnectar, Mary Anne Hobbes, Excision, Bukez Finezt, and 6Blocc, Dank N’ Dirty Dubz, MalLabel Music and Owsla. Widely recognized as an innovatorand originator of dub-step sound, headlining with Doctor P, E-40, Rakim, Reso, Ajappai, Tipper and many more throughout the world.

Currently spending his time between gigs in the studio, The Widdler is constantly working hard at work creating new material. Taking influence from various genres of music and lifestyle, his tunes comes in all shapes and colors. From the chilled reggae dubs and blue mood atmospheres to the mean menacing throbs of bass and percussion, The Widdler knows how to weave his musical roots with his production that makes each set entirely special. Sit back, light a spliff, and enjoy the sounds of The Widdler.


**JuJu** (Los Angeles) – Dubstep

Twenty-year-old bass music producer, JuJu brings his fresh sounds out of Los Angeles. JuJu has a long background with many genres of music but started producing when he was 18. While already a well-respected producer amongst his peers, JuJu became a fan favorite as well after getting DJ support from artists like Skrillex, 12th planet, Hatcha, Lost, Subzee-d, Trollphace, P0gman, Megalodon, Jphelpz, Mark Instinct ext. and reaching top 3 on the beatport charts with his I Am Audio EP “Title Track EP”. His arsenal of dubstep boasts collaborations with the likes of TrollPhace, Megalodon, 12th planet, sub antix, ponicz, Subzee-d, Bommer and more!

Labels Include : NSD (Black Label) / I.AM.Audio / OWSLA / SMOG / STYX RECORDINGS


**Bommer** (St Louis) – Dubstep

SMOG / Prime Audio / GMB / Octane

Bommer (Zack Bommer) is a twenty-two year old dubstep producer from St. Louis, Missouri. Bommer is a testament of what dedication and perseverance can lead to. From starting at local bars before dubstep was a household name, Bommer put countless hours a day into his craft. Fast-forward four years, Bommer has had releases on labels such as Smog, Prime Audio, Subquake Audio, and GMB Records. In addition to his production, Bommer’s mixing skills are second to none. With flawless double drops to clean transitions, Bommer can keep any dance floor entertained.


SubOxyde (St Louis) – RoboStep

Prime Audio / Bionic Inquisition / Heavy Artillary

Hailing from St. Louis, Bass music producer SubOxyde hammers out some of the nastiest Dubstep gems to hit the stratosphere! Don’t get it twisted though, this isn’t your average Dubstep. His surgically detailed masterpieces have everything, twisted, churning, robotic basslines that morph continuously like they’re speaking to your subconscious, sublimely hypnotic melodies and a ton of clever little twists packed deep into every bar of his rich, seismic bangers! Producing from an early age, there is no end in sight, no limits to what can be created in SubOxyde’s hands. An open mind and attention to the tiniest, most minute elements lay the foundation for his signature LOW Frequency, HIGH Voltage works! This is a no brainer folks, top quality Dubstep all the way for the heads, and amazingly dynamic soundtracks for the quality Bass music aficionados!


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