Music to Play in an Art Gallery

Best Music to Play in an Art Gallery

Many years ago, you will never think of seeing different musical acts performed in the art spaces and galleries as these places were intended only for people who want to watch and observe beautiful artworks for them to enjoy. It is not the same now as it is a common thing to see musical events and other similar activities being held in museums and art spaces. This is because museum and art gallery owners are now looking to attract and bring a new breed of visitors in order to increase their revenue.

With wireless surround sound systems, art fanatics can now listen to a playlist that can give them more enjoyment while watching and enjoying different pieces of artwork. Another visible change that is happening in art galleries is the presence of quality music that you might want to listen to in the art space.

The list below enumerates the best music that you might want to hear and listen in an art gallery. Read on.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Steep Hills of Vicoden Tears

The song is part of the self-titled album of the famous duo which was released on September 12, 2011. The song comes with a very nice soft intro which develops into an even more beautiful sound upon reaching the climax. This is definitely one of the top songs art lovers should hear in art galleries and museums.

Blanck Mass – White Math

This song can be played beautifully in abstract gallery sections while viewing all those nice pieces of artwork. A progressive house and techno style with an electronic genre, this 11-minute song also educates you about the power of minimalism.

Ben Forst – Killshot

This song is from the album “By the Throat” from experimental musician Ben Frost. This song is best suited in photo galleries that feature the holocaust and Siberian homeless families. The sounds will bring you to a passionate attempt in looking for a deeper meaning in an artwork.

Max Richter – Horizon Variations

It is a short but awesome song that will only last in less than two minutes. This will put you in a calm and reflective mode while walking and enjoying every moment in the art gallery. You might have to play it more than once to achieve full enjoyment and satisfaction.

Air – La Femme D’ Argent

This song is a part of the debut studio album entitled Moon Safari that was released on January 16, 1998. The song which can be translated as “The Silver Woman/Money Girl” is best played in a warm and sunny gallery with a nice breeze in the background. Enjoy the beautiful piece of art and celebrate the sense human achievement with this beautiful music.

These are the top five songs that are recommended to be on your playlist while in an art gallery or a museum. These songs will make your adventure in the art place more meaningful and enjoyable as you watch and enjoy different works of art.

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