Weed-Inspired Artworks CBD Fans Will Surely Love

Art comes in various forms, and it has a way to speak to humanity’s ability to be distinctive. While different artists have different reasons for creating their art, one thing that does not change is its ability to bring people together and cannabis-inspired art has not been left behind. Below, check out some weed-inspired artwork that will inspire and make you high.

It is no doubt that artists are now turning to cannabis to bring out their creative flow. From painting to pottery, the above arts speak and define the culture of cannabis, the emotions it brings to people, and the benefits of CBD oil for pain and other health and mental conditions.

Super Plant by Fred Tomaselli

This 1994 artwork captures the natural beauty of marijuana in a black background. The minimalist style also highlights the plant’s natural beauty. The Super Plant is currently displayed in the Hort Family Collection in New York.

Fade into Darkness

Fade into Darkness is painted by Pedro Lozano, and it captures those quiet moments that lead up to a high. His stunning display of the stark black and white imagery shows the relationship between the user and the plant.

Life Marijuana

Created by Dan Colen, Life Marijuana is an artwork that features a marijuana cigarette stuck between a pair of lips. Created in 2006, the artwork which was in form of mixed-media installation was sold in 2011 for $47,280 at Christie’s London.

It’s Just a Plant

Artist and illustrator Ricardo Cortes is the author of It’s Just a Plant, which is a children’s storybook. The book is a children’s story about pot and everything that they need to know about this plant. Although most parents would not consider this book appropriate for their children, Ricardo argues that sooner or later, kids will become aware of marijuana. Ricardo is also the author of the adult lullaby parody Go the Fuck to Sleep.

Sativa Goddess

Sativa Goddess is a mixed media artwork created by Jacque Bartel. This stunning piece took second place in the Natural Cannabis Company’s high art contest in 2016. The art pays homage to the cerebral effects of cannabis that will get you high by just looking at it.

California Artist

Robert Arneson hit the market with his incredible stone sculpture piece California Artist. Arneson created this piece in 1982 after he felt subjected to unfair categorization as an artist working in California. The art portrays Robert as the king of backwoods with an open denim jacket, salt and pepper beard, and a pot plant.

Bong Hit Station

Bong Hit Station is a 2013 video created by Tom Sach. This video offers a step-to-step guide to newbies who are looking to get stoned. Experienced stoners can also follow this detailed guide.

Coals to Newcastle

Chris Burden is not new to performance pieces about marijuana, but it’s this 1978 piece that has stepped away from tie-dye. Coals to Newcastle is named after an English idiom that means a pointless act. Chris Burden flew two joints form California to Mexico through model airplanes engrave with phrases like, “Hecho in USA”, “Topanga Typica” and “Fumenlos Muchachos.”


Made from repurposed glass bongs, the Bongolier chandeliers are something to look out for. Created by light installation artist Bentley Meeker, these sculptures have various sources of light including the full spectrum and the shady side.

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