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Online Dating: Men Using Art For Dating Success on Tinder

Nowadays, online dating through social media is becoming a trend for single men and women all over the globe. Though the traditional way of dating is still the best way, kik friend circle is slowly stepping into the light, in hopes of finding the perfect match. In online dating, you don’t have to wait for your friend to introduce you to a hot guy or girl or set you up on a blind date and end up either moving on to the next level of dating or dumping your date for a lot of reasons.

As online dating moves up the ladder, so are online dating apps that you can easily download on your smartphone, and one dating app that’s buzzing in the dating network is Tinder, and it can be your wingman in finding your one great love.

One thing to consider when you’re using a dating app is to be noticed by the crowd, and the most important part of your profile is your photo. You should have an eye-catching and irresistible photo for your profile to be swiped right instead of left by Tinder users. That being said, more and more men in Tinder are using different types of poses that could make them look sexy. Recently in Tinder, men pose with tigers to show off their “animalistic” and strong side, in hopes of finding a match that would regard them as the macho type. But forget about tigers now because the men of Tinder already shifted to a more artistic way of looking desirable through their profile photos, and that is through art pieces.

Houston-based artist Sally Glass showcased some of these men in her Tumblr article. Her blog showed some Tinder guys posing beside some artistic portraits, sculptures, and statues where some guys imitate what’s shown in the artworks while others just take selfies or do some dramatic poses beside the art pieces. Below those profile photos, Sally Glass also included the actual art photo with the name of the artist and a one-line description of the piece.

She mentioned in an interview with Daily Dot that she saw this trend while she was casually swiping through the app, so she started collecting screen shots of their Tinder profiles and paired them with the original artwork photo to make things more interesting. It also made her curious about the artworks these guys took photos with, so she told herself that she has to discover the interesting side of each collection. It’s also like her personal document as a single woman bored with ways in which this technology is presented, according to her.

There’s a lot of ways on how to get noticed in online dating apps or sites, and having a gorgeous and irresistible looking profile photo is the most important feature of your profile. These men of Tinder really exerted a lot of effort in expressing themselves through these artworks and who knows, maybe this could pave the way for them to find their destiny no matter what part of the globe they are in.

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