The Story Behind ‘Never Alone’ — The First Native American Video Game Created

One of the most interesting games of this year is Never Alone – the first ever native American video game to have existed. It tells the story of these people and their lifestyle in a fun and entertaining sort of platform. Here’s what you should know about the game. Fact is, this game never gets monetized to buy runescape 3 gold or something like that.

How Never Alone Began

Never Alone was actually born from the idea of being able to support the culture of the Alaska Native tribes. The Cook Inlet Tribal Council spearheaded by Gloria O’Neill was looking for various ways to reach out to the people and support the economic, social, and cultural development of the community. With that idea in mind, the CITC decided to put their focus on storytelling since that was a huge part of Native American history and culture.

Eventually, they decided that a game was a great medium to help push their advocacy. From there, E-Line Media was founded by O’Neill and some staff from Activision. With a team of very capable individuals who shared the same vision, the game was on its way to inception.

The Creation of Never Alone

With the team under one roof, Upper One Games was founded with Never Alone as the pioneering project. What made this game pretty special is that it included the input of everyone in the Alaskan Native community. They wanted the community to be as involved as possible because they wanted a near perfect representation of the indigenous people. With this, they invited a group of elders, leaders, and other community members just to get their stories. The stories, dialogues, interactions, and practices were all taken into consideration and used for the game.

The Hiccups and Drawbacks Along the Way

Of course, the game did meet with some criticism. When O’Neill first met with Alan Gershenfeld and Mike Angst of Activision, they were not very confident with the whole idea and even suggested that O’Neill reshape the concept itself.

When they started the actual implementation though, the team was able to create the roadmap to the game’s creation.

The Premise of the Game

The plot of the game revolves around the endless blizzard. It was a story told by Minnie Gray, the daughter of a legendary Alaskan native storyteller. It tells the story of a young girl and a fox looking for the source of the blizzard to find a way to stop it.

Though Gray was in her eighties, she was invited to be a part of the concept team so that they could get the story as accurately as possible. Creative director Sean Vesce and Gray worked very closely together to make sure that every depiction is exactly as how Gray imagines it to be.


Never Alone, which was released on November 4 in PS4, XBox One, and Steam, received rather positive reviews from various game review sites like PC Gamer, Steam Powered, and Metacritic.

This is because it combines the drama of old Alaskan Native storytelling with actual graphics and technology. You could say that it is a simple story that has come to life. It is so much different as compared to most other modern games wherein you try to outdo other players, try to survive in a zombie apocalypse, or try to collect stuff to sell for in-game currency. It’s a symbol of a culture trying to reach out and make its image known in the world.

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