Artists Should Hire Lawyers

Why Artists Should Hire Lawyers

Many businesses nowadays hire עורך דין פלילי for various reasons such as getting legal advice and getting help with lawsuits. But what do businesses have to do with art? The answer is simple—art is a business itself. Believe it or not, being creative is very much like being an entrepreneur. The former creates art for a living, and the latter sells products and services to make a profit. Adding that to the fact that most artists fail at succeeding in their craft due to lack of entrepreneurial knowledge, it’s high time for all creative minds to get out of the imagination land for once to take this solid advice from their corporate peers . Here are a few reasons why:

Lawyers Can Help Artists Protect Their Work

In these times where anything can spread throughout the world in the blink of an eye, the intellectual property rights of artists are challenged more than ever with speedy communication through the internet. Lawyers can help artists avoid this new kind of threat by aiding in copyright registration, limiting the use of artistic creations by other people and defending the artist’s side during lawsuits involving copyright claims. In short, they make sure that everything the artist makes always remains in their name and that everyone else who says otherwise will have to pay.

Lawyers Can Advise Artists Against Bad Deals

Signing contracts are a regular part of an artist’s routine. Due to the heavy use of legal jargon in these documents, artists are often tempted to skip scrutinizing the contract and just sign, unaware of a single word within it that can potentially jeopardize their entire career. Fortunately, having a lawyer specializing in the artistic field can review these contracts, explain it to the artist in layman’s terms and point out areas of caution to promote better decision-making. Aside from the above, lawyers can also help the artist negotiate better terms or even draft a standard contract for clients to adhere to.

Lawyers Can Save Artists a Lot of Money in The Long Run

Legal counsel certainly has a reputation for being one of the most expensive professions out there, but in the long run, a lawyer can actually help an artist save tons of cash. Filing a lawsuit for a single contractual provision that both sides cannot agree on or getting sued for creating something identical to another artist’s work all involve a lot of fees and payments for damages if one is unfortunate. Instead of going to the courts for a small issue that is not worth the trouble, lawyers can talk to the other side and mitigate the penalties or even tip the scales to the artist’s favor. It is also good to know that some Israeli lawyers who are passionate about certain cases like art are willing to offer legal help for a reduced fee or even for free.

Lawyers Can Also Help You Form Networks and Get Exposure

Because they work with all sorts of people from different walks in life, lawyers have a broad network of friends and acquaintances that an artist can possibly benefit from. Looking for a record company one can trust? Maybe the attorney knows one. Is the lawyer a huge art aficionado? Try asking him or her to help promote an upcoming art exhibit to his peers. For as long as the artist maintains a good working relationship, lawyers can become more than just business partners—they can also become fiercely loyal friends.

Lawyers are an indispensable part of modern society. Right from the moment a person is born up to his death, they are there to ensure that one’s rights are protected down to the last letter under the law. Now that you know why it’s important for an artist to have a lawyer, it’s time to take action. Don’t compromise your passion or your career. Get a lawyer now!

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