Native Americans and Native Palestinians

Native Americans and Native Palestinians – How Are They Similar?

When it comes to dating Arab women on موقع زواج اسلامي or other online apps, you must be aware and sensitive of your Middle-eastern lady’s cultural background.  Just knowing a little bit of information about her heritage would be enough to make her feel that you care about getting to know her very well.  With that said, let’s check out the similarities of the citizens of one Arab nation with those of a minority group out in the west, the Native Americans.

History of Displacement and Ethnic Cleansing

The most obvious similarity of Native Americans with Native Palestinians is their history of being forced out of the lands that they occupied.

One certain example is that both groups’ colonizers tried to erase them from the face of the planet and because of this, these peoples have become too familiar with death, colonization or occupation, wars, and failed or fake treaties that only robbed them more lands.  In the end, they become refugees in the places the once called homes.


While Native Americans are commonly portrayed in Hollywood and even in cartoons as savage red skins, Palestinians or Arabs, in general, fare no better as they are usually depicted in the most unflattering manner. With images of terrorism and pure hatred, it seems that this type of stereotyping in film and in general has not yet matured to this day.


Both groups share the state of being disunited.  Native Americans are made up of hundreds of tribes and even then, there exists internal conflict among these factions.  Similarly, in the Middle East, there are many countries that make up this region.

Some are American allies, some are confused with their allegiance, and some are critical of the west.  Yet, despite this division, most people lump them together into terms like Arabs or American-Indians and make generalizations about these culturally-diverse groups of people.

Cultural Heritage

The love for their culture and tradition is what drives both these groups to keep them alive even till this day as elders pass on everything they know to the next generation.

Native Americans string colorful beads and craft them into traditional accessories while Palestine’s Tatreez embroidery has a similar use for colorful patterns made through stitching. Both groups also perform traditional dances which involve making high-pitched joyous sounds on important events like weddings and graduations ceremonies.

Survivor Spirit

Up to this day, both cultures are still surviving and fighting for their rights.  They still carry on despite years of oppression.  In the face of adversity, they remain strong and true to the identity of their people.


Learning something about your significant other’s heritage in an inter-racial relationship is one key to winning your Arab lady’s heart.  That way, she will know how thoughtful you are and that you are willing to learn a lot about her.  If you are a Westerner and had the chance to mingle with Native Americans, the similarities of the two groups of people indicated in this article will benefit you in understanding your Middle-Eastern sweetheart.

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