Native American Authors

Native American Authors to Read About

Did you know that November is the Native American Heritage Month? Former President George H.W. Bush declared it in 1990. Let’s commemorate it by knowing some of the amazing Native American authors who helped preserve the histories, traditions, rich and diverse cultures of the Native people through their writings. Many agencies which are selling cheap essay online also helped in that.

James Welch

Welch was one of the famous and well-respected Native American authors in his lifetime and regarded as one of the founding writers in the Native American Renaissance. His novel “Fool Crow” was given recognition in the 1986 American Book Awards. Also, many other authors recognized his novel “Winter in the Blood” as a motivating work for them. Welch did poetry and non-fiction content as well and even received an Emmy award for the documentary he wrote with Paul Stekler titled as the ”Last Stand at Little Bighorn.”

N. Scott Momaday

Second to our list is one of the most renowned Native American writers during the 20th century. N. Scott Momaday is a teacher, a storyteller, an artist, and a writer. In 1969, his novel “House Made of Dawn” won the Pulitzer Prize which was very instrumental to other Native American writers in penetrating the mainstream. Thereafter, he released some more plays, poems, novels, and collections of short stories. With this, he was declared as Poet Laureate of Oklahoma and received various several awards including a National Medal of Arts and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas.

Sherman Alexie

This next Native American writer is one of the best today whose novels, short stories, and collection of poetry earned him prestigious awards, plus a National Book Award. His works are inspired by his personal experiences living in the Spokane Indian reservation. He addresses tough situations like poverty, alcoholism, misery, and Native American individuality with humor and sympathy. Due to this, no study of Native American literature is absolute without Alexie’s writings.

Janet Hale

Many of Janet Hale’s books have an influence on her experiences at the Coeur d’Alene Reservation in Idaho. The novel “The Jailing of Cecilia Capture” made a great leap in her career. It is about a young Native American student who is in prison for drunk driving. It is definitely a perfect novel for anybody who desires to have a better understanding of present Native American women. Hale’s compact prose and brazen uprightness have gotten her a well-deserved place in the chronicles of contemporary Native American literature.

Barney Bush

The last in our list is known for his political involvement in the 1960s and beyond. He is Barney Bush, accountable for establishing the Institute of the Southern Plains in Oklahoma. He is a former member of the American Indian Movement. Bush’s brilliant poetry is sometimes eclipsed by his great political accomplishments. My Horse and a Jukebox and Inherit the Blood and Petroglyphs are some of his published books. Since he was eager to conserve the verbal transmission of texts essential to numerous Native American traditions, a lot of his poems and essay writings have also been distributed in audio format.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the many Native American authors with abundant and significant contributions that you should read about. We’re hoping that this article provides a foundation for your quest of the main tenet of modern Native American literature.

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