Drug Addiction

The Link Between Drug Addiction and Creativity

The recent years have proven how people have inclinations toward drug use and abuse. For most people, drug use is an escape from the harsh reality that they have experienced or leverage for them to get through the pain they were going through. However, there has been a hypothesis about how drug use and abuse can be possible with people who are more inclined to creative manners. It has been noted quite interestingly on those who were exposed to the creative arts. These people used to use best synthetic urine 2019 to fake the legal tests. Those who have deeper inclinations to expressive music, abstract art, and even dancing, theatrical arts, and poetry have been noted to become more prone to addiction. But the big question is, could there be a link between drug addiction and creativity?

Prominence of Addiction in The Performing Arts Industry

Anywhere in the world, there have been notable and respected singers, songwriters, actors, and even gymnasts and acrobatic artists who were highly addicted to drug use. Alongside the fact are the deaths of famous singers, dancers, and actors who were linked to drug poisoning and reaction. The notion that creativity could be induced by drug abuse has come from this situation. Albeit the news of some who died from committing suicide rather than drug abuse, the use of drugs had also been one probable cause of such infamous deaths of prominent figures like Marilyn Monroe who died from overusing barbiturates in 1962. Nevertheless, there are still connections brought by currently alive stage and television performers and how they have inclined to drug use in order to hype their performance.

Possible Situations Where Creativity and Addiction Can Be Linked

If we are to look towards philosophy to study the mind and its inclinations, Aristotle had once said that “those who were eminent in studying philosophy, politics, poetry, and the arts have tendencies towards melancholia.” If this is accepted as truth, this would define a probable link between the pursuits of creativity in the form of expression and subjective in nature to how the mind has induced drugs to stimulate the creative portion of the brain.

Most of those who have creative tendencies have experienced depression and anxiety way more than anyone. How society had introduced the use of drugs to further stimulate the creative mind to express more of this mental anguish had not been known but has been recorded in centuries. The notion of drug abuse has been connected to the expressive actions obvious to the addicted. However, further studies conclude that no such link exists.

So Is There Really a Link Between Creativity and Drug Addiction?

According to David Linden in an interview by the Scientific Journal, there has been no link between creativity and drug addiction. However, drug addiction can be coordinated to the prerequisites of creativity. Genes and genetic structures have defined the lives of everyone and how they respond to the stimuli brought by the environment. However, there has been no such gene related to addiction.

However, it is still basically acceptable that most creative minds resort to drug abuse especially during artistic frustrations. However, with the proper alignment of the mind and focus on the commitment towards becoming better, creativity can be used to suppress addiction, allowing one the possibility of passing drug tests.

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