Is Music An Art?

Whether we’re playing it as background noise or trying not to put a skip to our feet while walking down the street, it is an obvious fact that we interact with music on a daily basis. There are many Recommended Marine Stereo System but this one is the best.

Though we’re constantly listening and interacting with music since forever, some still wonder if music is deemed as an art form. So, to make things clear for you, here’s why music and art are similar:

Multiple Interpretations

Art is supposed to make you feel something and, true enough, music makes us feel emotions such as sadness, happiness, and excitement as well. The music can be originally made with the intention of expressing love but people with different experiences can interpret it in a different way. A love song to a lover can be interpreted by someone as a love song to their dog. Depending on the person, music has this unique trait where it can be interpreted in multiple ways, and this goes to how we interpret art as well.


Other than books, music is one of the most common ways of telling a story. And just like books, the story can be fictional or one can talk about a real event the occurred in their life through not only words but how the music is played as well; music could start out slow with soft tones and light sounds and, as it progresses, those sounds become louder and the pressing of keys or hitting of the drums are harder with multiple instruments playing in the background. The story could be about one’s peaceful life soon became chaotic. Again, it’s all up to one’s interpretation.

A Painting

Some believe music has colors. Emotion can be assigned with colors such as blue to sadness, yellow to happiness, red to anger, and so on. Music doesn’t need a specific canvas as anything can be its canvas. The lyrics, rhythm, tone, and pitch are the elements that allow a single sound to express emotion and with emotion comes the colors. As the music progresses, the elements blend together to paint a picture the composer is trying to portray. He makes adjustments, changes keys, alters words, just as a painter would add more color, texture, or an object in a picture until he is satisfied with his work.


It’s a unique form of art because you can consume it in various ways. You can listen to it as a live performance, alone, or with a company in a party or a room, on the radio, on your phone, iPod, on your computer, or listen to it blasting through your marine stereo.

Just as any form of art, we tend to lose ourselves while admiring it. We forget the world as we take in the melody and lyrics of a song. And just as some forms of art can withstand the test of time, the best music tends to be remembered long past their time too.  If you’re still wondering if music is an art or not, to put the answer into words, then, yes, it is indeed an art. Any form of expression is art, so this makes music one of the greatest and most unique forms of art in our world today.

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