Low-Voltage Art Lighting for Your Home

Using Low-Voltage Art Lighting for Your Home

Whether you are using a LED, fluorescent or halogen light, low-voltage lighting can help you save a lot on your electricity bill. When using best low voltage transformer, the standard voltage that operates on 120 or 220 volts steps down to 12 or 24 volts. A low-voltage transformer draws less power than the standard line voltage system.

Today, these low-voltage light bulbs can be used as an art lighting fixture. They come in different sizes and types depending on the intended use. They can be a part of a picture frame that helps illuminate a photo or add a soft glow of light on the undersides of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Read on to find out some of the benefits of using low-voltage art lighting.

Using Low-Voltage Art Lighting in Art Paintings

Paints such as watercolors and acrylic react negatively to infrared lights and ultraviolet lights. That’s because infrared lights and ultraviolet lights dry out the paint. A low-voltage art light can solve this problem because it filters the light beam of infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths.

Using Low-Voltage Art Lighting On Track Lights

Track lights are suspended from a track that is parallel to the wall. If you plan to set up a home gallery, track lights with a low-voltage art lighting are the best option to light up each picture.

Using Low-Voltage Art Lighting in Art Projectors

You will be surprised by the sophisticated effects of low-voltage art lighting in art projectors. They are usually installed in the ceiling as they are capable of a full 360-degree rotation.

Using A Low-Voltage Art Lighting in Picture Lights

The most popular low-voltage picture art light is the low-voltage LED light. These lights operate in two ways:

  • They can operate with concealed transformers that are directly installed on the frame.
  • They can operate with an internal battery power they are also installed on the frame.

These types of lights are cost-efficient and safe to use. They are also portable and easy to install.

 Using Low-Voltage Art Lighting On Recessed Fixtures

These types of lights are usually a part of a fixture that is embedded tightly in the ceiling. These recessed fixtures are usually installed with dimmers. The dimmer allows the user to control the amount of light that can be emitted depending on the use.  The use of low voltage art lighting on recessed fixtures is encouraged because of the filtration technology it gives. When you need bright lights to focus on an area, brighter lights can emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The filtration technology eliminates these hazardous radiations while the spectrum is focused on the desired location.

Using low-voltage lighting offers art collectors of interior decorators an adaptive range of art lighting options. Keep in mind that using low-voltage transformers are very important if you are using low-voltage light bulbs. These types of bulbs will burn if used without the transformer, and they can become a fire hazard if not used correctly.

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