Audio Sculptures

Audio Sculptures are uniquely amazing

Audio sculpture or mainly known as sound art is a based art form in which a sculpture or any form of an object produces sounds or it can easily be defined as a kind of artistic sculpture that produces sounds. Each company like has their own understanding and definition of sound art. People get confused with the difference between mainly “music” with sound art. Some say that sound artwork the same as how music works. Some also believe that music should not only be limited to harmony and melody. Music should be seen as an organization of sound objects such as pitches, the so-called notes, frequencies, etc.

As per Camilo Salazar, a Programme Manager of Music technology, he says that sound art or sound sonic is an art form that briefly just focuses on sound as a basic element. He also says that defining sound art changes as more and more genres are covered by the world of sound art.

Years ago, sound art was essentially associated with fine artists who are creating sound sculptures and sound installations that were exhibited in museums, galleries and even on commissioned spaces. But as years pass by, many things improve and develop. Some artists do not focus on sound sculptures that can be displayed on museums any longer but those sculptures that mesmerize people. I believe that what we first see visually is what calls our attention first and makes us curious in some way and interested.

One can actually make their own sound sculpture depending on how you wanted it to be and how artistic you can be. One very unique sound sculpture made by artists namely: Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu caught the attention of many people. The sound sculpture that they made was named as “Singing Ringing Tree”. The sculpture is actually sound powered by the wind and the structure resembles like the tree and it was landscaped on the hill of Pennine overlooking Burnley in the United Kingdom. So, the sculpture uniquely produces sounds when the wind blows.

Nature sometimes even naturally makes an audio sculpture or sound art. One of the many examples is a seashell. A seashell naturally produces ambient sounds. An air possible getting its way to the cavity of the shell then bounces around its hard, curved inner surfaces makes sounds. Usually, when you put a seashell near your ears, you can hear a sound that is similar to the ocean waves. Some sounds that a seashell produces depends on the size of the shell. Some may have a very high pitch sound and some do not.

Audio sculpture can be of any form and art. It can be naturally made just of like nature or made by artistic humans. It can be simple and it can also be uniquely and artistically complicated depending as to how someone would want to visualize their art or idea in terms of audio sculpting.

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